Fishin’ Maggie

What’s Happening on Maggie

The pylon at the entrance to the harbour that the Sealink ferry ran into and knocked down has finally been replaced, a very costly exercise. It surprised me that it was done during race week, but I guess they don’t really check for possible issues like 60 yachts going past twice per day. The new one is all shiny and new and hopefully will attract Trevally and Jumping Cod like the last one.

A tourist heading to WestPoint for sunset told me he was privileged to see 2 adult Dugongs right up close to the beach. He told me that was about the coolest thing he’s ever seen, and a holiday high. Apparently the thick cloudbank made for a lousy sunset that night so he was lucky. It’s the nature that make our island so special. A customer came in buzzing, last week and shared his 4 wildlife experiences in 4 days at his house. Day one he woke up to find a curious Koala had come into the yard for a visit. Day 2 was a lazy Python at the door, day 3 a whip snake soaking up some midday sun, but day 4 was his highlight. At 3 am a Barking Owl flew through his window into the house for a brief visit, waking the household in the process. You never know what wildlife you will be lucky enough to encounter on Maggie.

While on the subject of wildlife, there are no Kangaroos roaming around at Horseshoe Bay, they are Agile Wallabies. (Macropus Agilis) I get many people mistakenly calling them Kangaroo’s, but our Agiles are the largest species of Wallabies on the Island.

An Angler told me a funny story on Sunday. He was fishing with gang hooks and whole Pilchard at Horseshoe Bay, just near the boat ramp, when he hooked up a decent size mud crab buck. The sizable crab was, as you can imagine, not keen on letting go of the Pillie and came in to shore still attached, and pretty cranky. As our angler tried to rip the mud crab out of the water, the hooks came away from the crab. Thinking fast, he flipped the rod to use the butt to knock the crab further up the beach. As he did that the hooks swung around and inserted themselves firmly into his calf. Each time he used the rod butt to push the muddy further up the beach, the hooks pulled and he squealed. Determined that the crab wouldn’t get away though he persisted and managed to get a bucket over the top of the crab, and with some help pulled the hooks out, then dealt with the crab. The things Anglers will do for crab sandwich.

Fishing Maggie

I don’t know the reason, but we are still being visited by more Grey Mackerel than we normally see at this time of the year. Whether they missed the commercial nets down south, or its because of the banning of commercial netting of several creeks here this year, something, has resulted in early Greys. MS put his lines out just because he was testing his boat, and can’t use the boat without chucking a line in, and found that the lines were hit almost immediately. The big bait school he had passed was being closely followed by hordes of legal Greys and Spaniards, and they hit nearly every troll loop he did with the spoon lines. Of course with no ice on board things were difficult, fishing always works like that.
If you want to find some of these wonderful eating fish, (which some people believe are sold as Spaniard in many places), then go out and find yourself a raised bait school, and troll around with a couple of deep spoons, or downrig/ paravane gar.

There are plenty of Trout still at the various reefs, several on each hang in some spots. Jubba and Co had a ball last trip, with 17 quality Trout and stacks of Red Throat Emperor, which have a beautiful taste and texture.
You know since Tony (police) left, I haven’t noticed too many dedicated Whiting fishermen here, and the whiting population has exploded.  Although commonly caught around here on prawn and very light gear, small bass Lures and poppers are great fun to try in the shallows of the sandbanks around WestPoint, Cockle Bay, Rocky Bay and Nelly Bay. Catching Whiting on micro popper and super light gear can be just as cool as catching bigger fish on lure.
Give it a try, or be lazy and come in and get a premade Whiting rig.

There may be some Mackerel hanging around the jetty with a semi local angler losing a $30 super-size popper first cast. He told me there was a huge swirl and his 80lb leader was destroyed instantly, and the popper gone in an instant. Huge Cuda or Mackerel would be my guess. Anyway I sold him a slightly smaller Halco popper as a replacement far cheaper, than the one he bought at Airlie Beach, and he will try again, maybe with wire trace this time.

Fishing Maggie

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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