Fishin’ Maggie

What’s Been Happening On Maggie

Saturday saw the annual Magnetic Adventure & Hire children’s fishing Competition, held at the Picnic Bay jetty on a fine spring day.  40 plus children and uncounted wonderful supporting parents made the day an outstanding success.

The fishing was tough despite the massive effort, preparation and the varied bait choices hanging limply on 60 or more lines. We  even tried some Tuna oil splashes to fire things up. Tough fishing sorts out the girls from the boys and I have to say, the boys were outnumbered at this competition. Go girls.

All in all 40 plus fish were caught, although nothing was heading home to the dinner table.  Congratulations to all the participants of this fun morning. Thanks to the parents who made the effort to bring the kids, and make the day a resounding success.

My appreciation also, to those who helped out with the competition. These included Jackson, TJ, Graham, Janie, and our wonderful local Taxi drivers who sponsored a prize. Thanks for organising that Grant.

TJ and Janie got a bit of a shock Sunday. I was away for a morning fish, and Janie and TJ went down to give JH’s boat a bit of a clean in Gustav Creek. Young TJ Called out and said

” Nan there’s a big boat floating past with nobody on it” A local boat had broken mooring and was slowly  meandering from one side of Gustav to the other, moving with the outgoing tide.  Although it came close, the current kept it from hitting any other boats, before it drifted out past Wazza’s yacht and out to the middle. Everyone chipped in to get the boat safe, and Marina owner Lance got a rope to it. The owner was involved by then and the boat was soon moored safely again.

Fishing Maggie

Ray and I went for a run early Sunday morning to have a look around and see whether there were any Greys still here for the holiday season. We did find and land some big adults Greys around the meter mark inside Horseshoe Bay, taking Halco Divers. We had the wrong size esky so it was a bit of a battle getting them in, a nice issue to have.

Josh went over to the creeks around the Cape and dodged Crocks to have some fast Barra action with a dozen or so caught and released. That’s a fun session any time, well done.

Congratulations to Flavio for his big Queenie, caught off the Nelly Bay concrete block. Flavio had just bought a new budget rig from Magnetic Adventure & Hire and was blown away when this monster hooked up.  After the normal Aerobatics this prize sportfish was landed and up to the shop for a pic. Great work Flavio, more to come?

Johnno found a patch of big Grunter not far from Liver Point. Ranging to a massive 3kg these were a happy addition to the holiday freezer.

Decent Crays are still out there for the catching, with the light NE winds this week, head to Nelly and Picnic. Leith has been scoring big crays on the clear days, along with a few big Trout.

Finally after a tough Billfish year so far, some bigger Marlin are around, although a fair way out closer to Myrmidon Reef.  “Reel Crazy” went 5.4.3 on the weekend, (5 seen, 4 hooked, 3 tagged,) All the Marlin were 100lb-300lb, which are a great fighting fish. The boats also found big schools of Large Spaniards out in the same area.
Pick of the week places to fish this week with the predicted conditions are Nelly Bay, and WestPoint.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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