Fishin’ Maggie

What’s Happening on Maggie

The more settled weather last week allowed for some longer boating trips, to Centipede, Slashers, Palms and even Myrmidon. The reef clarity was spectacular at plus 30m visibility with a temperature of 25 degrees. That’s about as perfect as it gets, Glassy, warm and active fishing.

Check out the negative North QLD comment on   Much of Oceania is situated within the tropics so there is not a great deal of variation in the sea temperature. The water is always pleasantly warm in Polynesia, Micronesia and Northern Australia (if you dared go in there!).”

That’s a bit of a shallow point of view, personally I love swimming and snorkelling in the warm northern waters, and snorkelling and diving the reef is safe, fun and should be on everyone’s bucket list.

From next weekend we will be hiring an underwater camera with a 50m cable. Have you ever wanted to see what’s under your boat, or check out one of your favourite marks?  Well come in to Magnetic Adventure & Hire and hire the camera and go have a look for yourself.

Onshore Fishing

Fishing at night in the harbour is just a blast. With the bait thickening in the Marina area, there has been an increase in numbers and fish activity.

Tarpon, Trevally and Big Barra are kicking up just on dark through to Midnight.

The biggest dropped Barra of the week was a 1.1 m monster on Thursday. JW hooked up at 9.30pm and spent 20 minutes fighting this massive fish to the side of the pontoon, but had to put the rod down and grab his net. As he tried with the net it was quickly obvious that the Barra was too big to get even its head in the net. Plan B was to get the Gaff. JW turned around to grab the gaff and as he did the rod slackened for an instant. The Trophy Barra realised there was a chance and with one flick broke the line and headed off. Needless to say JW was devastated with his biggest ever Barra gone.

Reports over the weekend of the most welcome return of some Greenback Herring to the Jetty. It has been a long time and Herring are the fish that attract 80 percent of the Predators to the area. I see Wade was down there getting some livie’s on Monday.

A lucky visitor bagged 2 75cm Barra at Young Bay on Gold Bombers, whilst another visitor lost about $300 worth of Sydney bought lures on our big snaggy areas, a bonus later for low tide explorers.

Offshore Fishing

There is no end yet to the roaming Grey Mack’s that are staying in close around the Island. After getting 4 Mack’s on our only trip out on Tuesday, the run of fish continued with other boats landing some great Spotties, Doggies and medium size Greys from Horseshoe Bay to Liver Point, nice and close in during the week. Whilst not as concentrated as prior, they were roaming around White Rock, off White Lady Bay and Gowrie Bay Headland. Spoons and Mad Mullets the best options, with Pilchard coloured Halco’s and livies the next best.

Downtime bagged out at Centipede Reef Sunday with 30 Trout. Other boats scored great Reds, and Trout, with a few Spannie’s. So where are the big Spaniards? From all accounts including fisheries they are around The Palms/ Pelorus area where the big bait schools are congregating.

If you can’t go far in your tinny don’t despair, Trout are thick around the Island.

Earlybird Charters are running around Island fishing charters now and have been pulling some big Trout on lure, as has the other charters consistently. Most long time Island Anglers agree this is a wonderful year for Coral Trout, big healthy and plentiful.

New Product Magnetic Adventure & Hire

Finally, after 6 months of testing and setup, the first electric bikes have arrived in the Magnetic Adventure & Hire hire stable. These Hybrid 29ER T rex Poer assist bikes offer the option to see the Island by bike without 2 much hard work. I rode Horseshoe Bay and back on these and I’m not at all fit. Come and have a look.

Remember, “To the world it may be just one fish but to me it is the world”

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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