Fishin’ Maggie

What’s Happening On Maggie

November 2016 is now a memory, and what great fishing stories and fun there was. Big Grey Mackerel’s, measuring up to 1.3m, as well as many other hungry predators moving in close, happy to take your choice of lure. Unfortunately, there was also lots of the Slimy Wolf Herring in the mix, and getting them off the lures is always Gross. The massive schools of tiny whitebait attracted big predators, and all the local boats went chasing our staple November food source. The Grey run is nearly over ,nd the big Greys are starting to move on.

If you want to get some Greys in the last week before they move on, the locations are currently the following:

  • 2 km off Bolger Bay 70-80cm
  • 1 km off Hawking’s Point, to the SSW (the big ones)
  • 3 km off Arcadia headland on the edge of the channel.
  • 1 km off the channel in town, on the edge of the channel.
  • 1 km to the island side of S2 shipping Marker

Devastating was taking the grandkids out fishing on the weekend. TJ just pulled in a 90 cm Grey and Kyahn said, “I’m bored can we go bait fishing instead? (Spoilt kids, I hate bait fishing.)

Big Spaniards are still active at Brewer and the outer reefs have been producing top Trout, although to get the bigger ones you should go a bit deeper, to Slashers or down south more.

With Christmas coming and our biggest tourist season about to arrive, I hope you are all taking a few extra moments to enjoy the natural island before things go crazy for the next few weeks. The most common complaint we hear at Magnetic Adventure & Hire is slow road speed, with cars going so slow some seem to be going backwards, and sometimes even stopping on HB hill to take pics. Be patient, they will take a turn soon enough. Then with Christmas sorted we will settle back into the February- March wet season (we hope) when we hardly see a strange face and the Aeroguard is the hottest selling item.

Bad Luck to Little Nick and Nick who watched their best rod tear off across the harbour after being ripped off the public pontoon by an unknown aquatic monster. It was a sweet rig and will be missed. If anyone has a quality rig they don’t use anymore and want to donate to a young fisherman in the making, drop it off to the shop and I will service it before giving it to little Nick so he can chase those monster fish again.

The amount of times we get asked if there is a fishing licence required on the island has caused all sorts of answers at Magnetic Adventure & Hire from “Yep here’s my  bank account number, we will print one” to “Yes it costs one fillet per fish caught and delivered here” and everyone’s favourite “no but if you want to find out where we hide the big ones, that’s $20 fee” Maybe it would be great to have a Maggie Island Fishing Licence per visitor for $5 to fund Jetty projects, fishing conservation or something. It won’t happen but it could be interesting.

We do need an info TV at the ferry terminal though, too many people leave the island without ever experiencing all that they could have seen. (One for TOBMI to consider maybe, with the new and energetic board.)

Horseshoe Bay, has been a bit of mess lately with the northerly winds and the normal seasonal outbreak of the horrible Trichodesmium Algae causing swimming issues and smelly beaches. However it’s not the only thing making swimming at Horseshoe unpleasant, I had yet another report of local anglers tossing fish carcasses into the water at the boat ramp after catching and filleting them. This is illegal and dangerous for all the people who use it. Clean up and don’t discard fish carcases at the ramps.

Fact Of The Week!

Did you know that our sea lice that are currently being annoying are actually tiny jellyfish with the same nematocysts as adults?  (stinger cells)

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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