Fishin’ Maggie

What’s Happening on Maggie

I would hate to be like the boy who cried wolf, but hopefully this week we might finally see a tiny taste of a wet season. Driving down to West Point on Sunday was like the an Aussie outback tour. Dry creeks tinder bush, and lots of dust. I haven’t seen it that dry in March ever. If Oz cyclone chasers and Bom have any credence, tany of the rain they forecast will be gratefully received. Oz Cyclone Chasers facebook site has a lot of locals as regular watches especially in the cyclone season.

At the shop, we launched bicycle hire this week and are hoping they are going to be very popular. 26 new Trek 7.1 bikes have now been supplied by Cycle De vie in Townsville, a Townsville bike shop owned by locals.

I caused a bit of a stir on Friday when I had to ring 000 to get the Fire Brigade to assist a boat that was taking on too much water in the harbour. 000 ask “who do you want to speak to police fire or ambulance? “. I’ve asked for fire and talk to the fire section. After Fire came on I very clearly explained there was a boat with two people on board taking on too much water in the harbour near the helipad. I further explained that they needed the petrol driven water pump that is in the side of the fire truck to assist their in house pumps. In the meantime one of the other boats in the harbour had supplied their generator driven water pump and saved the day. So I went up to the fire station and cancelled the call, and sent the boys home. Apparently that wasn’t the end of it because I had calls after that from Search & Rescue wanting further information on my reported boat on fire?? Fire had escalated the matter to local police, Search and Rescue and probably every other service as well. Be careful with 000 calls is all I can say.

Onshore Fishing

Fishing was much better last week, with the full moon, and some bigger bait schools pushing in close to the Island. This week may also hold good fishing with unsettled conditions and good tides.
West Point has finally produced good Grunter up to 2 kg, hopefully heralding some better Grunter days ahead. Blue salmon are schooling, and passing regularly along the WP beach, absolutely smashing any well-presented baits in the water. Blue salmon are an excellent fight, and most will say a good eat.

The one Barra that was reported came with a story. Location-West Point. After the hook up, the Barra bolted drawing 50m of line during the epic battle. During the run, the line wrapped around an obstacle in the water, and the tenacious Matt ended up diving into the water, swam out, got the line untangled and landed the exhausted fish. The result was a walloping 90 cm Barra. You just gotta be extra keen to get the big fish.

The jetty is still next producing mixed action. Big schools of Hardyheads are keeping smaller Trevally, smallish Queenie’s and other pelagic species hanging around. Sunday was all a.m. action with Queenies Trevally and Slatey Bream fish smashing well-prepared Baits. There was even a Coral Trout reported caught and released by Kent, as well as a good size Gold Spot Cod near the rocks.

Offshore Fishing

John Walls new 31 footer has arrived safely from Lake Macquarie. Sporting Twin inboard petrol Chevy 350s, which can knock out 40 knots at 4500rpm, it’s sure to be popular. The boat is currently in dry dock in Ross Marine until checked over. Those that know Wally know that he’s been very unlucky with boats. This time is going to be different. One thing I do know, the petrol bill will be prohibitive.

Horseshoe Bay saw a 2m+ Bronze Whaler snapping a rod holder from the side of one of our local boats while fishing in the bay. The Rod was obviously well tensioned when the bait was hit by this beast.

A large school of Trevally has taken up residence in the weed beds on the southern side of the bay. All 35-45cm, these are providing great lure action in kayaks.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty
Cheers Dale
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