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What’s New On The Rock

I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas break. It was wonderful to see so many people indulging in water activities on the Island, despite the recent irresponsible, but sadly predictable Townsville Bulletin shark scare articles.
Thank you to all those people who put a comment on the Bulletins Facebook page, and contacted your local member, and other authorities.  Although they removed all the negative posts, the backlash was severe, and hopefully they’ll think twice before in doing it again.
A funny story this week, from Nelly Bay. A local woman was woken in the middle of the night by her big dog barking furiously, and she jumped out of bed to investigate. She saw two youths running out of the yard next door, obviously up to no good. She chased them down the road towards the school yelling in colourful language at the top of her voice, with the dog pulling her along. Unfortunately the mongrels got away through the school yard, but when she stopped she realised that she had been running down the road in only her knickers. The police received a call from a neighbour reporting some crazy woman screaming abuse running semi naked down the road. Our embarrassed good samaritan had to call and explain the situation. It was I’m sure a funny situation indeed, but also a warning to keep your goods, while these young thieves are active.

Drew from the Marlin Bar was spearfishing over at Orchard rocks, recently, when he shot a massive GT, which promptly took off full noise, and ripped his very expensive speargun from his hands in the process. Disappointed, Drew packed up and went home.
The next day, Carla an awesome local woman came into the store and dropped off an object that she did not recognise, stating she found it on the beach at Horseshoe Bay, and hopefully we could ID it or find the owner. I knew nothing at the time, and the whole story came out next day.
When she was working at a local shop the next day she happened to meet Drew for the first time, when he visited the shop. even though neither of them knew each other she was telling him a story of finding a strange object on the beach, and describing it, like a gun with writing on the side
Excited, Drew said, “it wasn’t a railgun with Rob Allen written on it, by any chance was it?
As luck would have it, who had never met before, had a chance conversation and an expensive Rob Allen railgun was returned to its rightful owner.
As to how the speargun started its journey at Orchard Rocks and ended up on the each on the northern end of Horseshoe bay nearly 8km away?  That will forever be a mystery, although I can tell you Drew is not complaining.
Westpoint has been absolutely chocka with hopeful afternoon anglers, doing the fishing sunset experience, although most pack up and go home just after sunset, and miss the main action. Grunter have been coming on hard later at night, usually after 7.30pm. They are big too, 4 kg plus which are good fighters and a delicious family meal. There are lots of sharks being caught in between unfortunately, although still a great fight to get them in.
Not so good for eating also are Tarpon, who have been providing some great sporting action at Horseshoe Bay, and in Nelly Bay.  I did have one visitor though, who took his Tarpon home and cooked it, and he said it was good eating. I’m not sure what he was used to eating down south, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to try any.

With some light rain prospects this week, we are all hoping to see a big rain dump some running streams, which will help fire up fishing and crabbing, as well as get some waterfalls going.

Nelly Harbour has been holding large schools of bait, and holding on top of them are hungry Spotty and Grey Mackerel, Queenie’s and more Tarpon.  Check out my sounder images on Facebook.

The Coral Trout have been still on fire all around the Island. All bays have had quality catches of Trout 1.5-3kg.
A sign of the holiday season is usually crab pots placed in every quiet area, and all over the harbour,  and this year is no exception. The big bucks have been caught out in the Western mangroves, surprisingly some good hauls for the dry conditions. Most have been pretty full, and no complaints yet of raided pots.

Enjoy the big tides this week, lots of bait will move around so try and hit Young Bay on the high.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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