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What’s New On The Rock

We finally enjoyed some decent rain, nearly 90 mm for the week (at the shop), much needed and appreciated by all. Bigger rainfalls of 105mm at Picnic but slightly less at Horseshoe Bay 85mm. Have a look around, everything is green.

Magnetic Adventure & Hire have had a visit from a friendly Koala all last week. Sitting just across the road, low down in the tree, it has been fun showing visitors one of our main attractions.

Although the harmless Snotties (Lions Mane Jellyfish) have been thick in Horseshoe Bay, and some other island bays, the surf lifesaver drags last week produced no Irukandji or Box Jellyfish in any bay, good news indeed.

Massive tides dominated fishing last week, making fish more active both out deep and inshore. Banana Prawns congregated in and outside of the mangroves, and throwing the cast net until your arms felt like lead produced dinner for 2 (or at least a good entrée.)

I made Vietnamese rice rolls and sushi with my fresh prawns, melt in the mouth, and isn’t fresh self-caught island seafood just the best Maggie experience. I must be getting old because when I was using the dragnet prawns swam faster than I could walk with the net and swam back out right past me. (I’m sure I could see there little prawn tongues sticking out as they all escaped.) Lucky I had a cast net available.

With the tide so low Wednesday (.28) at 1am, JB did a reconnoitre of the stinger nets, with his main objective being to rescue fish before they died trapped in the empty nets. Horseshoe Bay Net was pretty empty, so the boys went to Picnic, where there was some water left. JB entered the water inside the net , and had just commenced throwing the cast net when an unknown marine animal about 1 m plus was startled by the noise and started thrashing around inside the net near his feet. JB’s feet hardly touched the water as he back pedalled to dry land. Shark or big Barra was the guess, and It could still be there.

Ray K found a new harbour fishing spot, and he has been doing great, with Jacks and Coral Trout on bait after dark.  Unfortunately Friday night he was sitting a little low on the rocks as the ferry came in. Maybe the ferry was slightly faster or maybe Ray was sitting lower than usual, but the big ferry bow wave hit the rocks high, and washed Ray’s best tackle bag straight into the harbour, gone forever. It was a more expensive night than he planned but, still great fishing. The harbour has been fishing very well, especially at night with big predators cruising along the rocks. I would say that the harbour is my location of the week with many reports of big fish caught.

I am forbidden to give a location on the next story but a local has reported a huge gathering of big Barra in a location close to shore. He plans on a revisit in Barra season and hopes they are still there. He made an unusual observation which I am throwing out there though. He was fishing night and noticed that they were attracted to his bright green lights starboard lights not the red port light. Is there an explanation to this? (feedback welcome)

Better late than never, Threadfin Salmon have arrived at WestPoint, no doubt following the prawns around the sand flats. We got 2 big ones on Friday in very close to the beach. Salmon are great fighters and in holiday season a real bonus to the WestPoint sunset experience.

Reef trips have been well worth the trip with big Trout still on the chew, as well as all the usual suspects, Sweetlip and Redthroat Emperor in abundance. Coral Trout are still hitting baits around the rock areas off the southern bay tips. (4Kg was the biggest Trout caught, a real thumper off Arthur Bay Headland.

Jellyfish Interesting Facts

Irukandji Jellyfish are named after an Indigenous Northern tribe where the jellyfish  was first identified. The venom is 100 times more deadly than a King Cobra. To prove that the Jellyfish that researcher Dr Jack Barnes found in 1961 was the cause of Irukandji syndrome he stung an adult, and a nine year old boy. (with permissions)

Lions Mane Jellyfish (snotty) can grow to 2.5 m wide 30m long and weigh up to half a tonne.

Most jellyfish eat and defecate from the same hole-

There are only about 200 species of jellyfish worldwide, because their design is so effective.

Box Jellyfish have killed at least 5568 people since being identified, and have 4 brains and 24 eyes.

This week after the rains, chase prawns, crabs, Grunter Coral Trout and Salmon


Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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