Fishin’ Maggie

Neap tides and lethargic fish, last week was a battle to get dinner on the table. Fortunately Golden Trevally, one of our favourite table fish, was still in abundance off the rocks around the Island. Golden Trevally take lures readily, fight hard, grow huge and taste awesome. What a winning combination, especially when the other fish are quiet. Grandson TJ was over on the weekend and he got a beauty, on my red white lure, and was happy to take it back to the mainland to feed the family.

Congratulations to Jarrod who bought a Seadoo 150 Speedster, a hyper fast jet boat that looks like lots of fun. I can’t see any rod holders on it yet, but I will talk you into it eventually. Enjoy your new toy Jarrod.

Just to show that you probably shouldn’t clean fish in the deep water, a friend was telling me he was cleaning a couple of Spaniards and chucking the guts into the water, out at the mackerel patch off Maggie recently. A 2.5 meter shark launched out of the water and did  a body roll right next to the boat, scaring the heck out of him. He won’t be doing that again.
Talking sharks, I spend some time on the water this weekend around the island, and saw three shark boys loaded up. The one in Horseshoe Bay on Saturday that I trolled past had a leopard shark attached to it, swimming around the surface trying to get off. I think leopard sharks are protected, and they are harmless, so I hate seeing them in the traps.

The perfect weekend weather gave many anglers the chance to get out deep and fish the reefs. Big Trout were biting at Slashers, and very active Nannygai and Emperors in the deep water to 8kg meant a good haul for most. Willie was out with the boys and threw a handline down with small hook and sinker and hooked up to a massive Red emperor. It’s a long haul on a handline with hard fighting Emperors, and he followed it up with a second just as big.

Twitching Lures And The Moneyback Guarantee

Loads of people have been talking about this new fishing lure advertised on TV, the Twitcher Lure, which has lights, vibration, flashing, and glows. It is advertised with this UNBELIEVABLE money back guarantee, if it doesn’t catch a fish first cast. So, what’s the real deal on this lure? The first thing that makes me cranky is that it is 2 for $19,95 in USA and $49.95 for 2 in Australia. Why do we always get ripped off ? I have ordered 2 lures to try, but I hear that the guarantee has been removed in the US advertising but not here.  “ Catch a fish with your very first cast or return for your money back.” (Mind you by the time you did the postage both ways and admin fees the benefit of returning was always dubious anyway.)

I would like 3 volunteers, I have one already, 2 in a control group with standard lures, 2 with the Twitchers and you need 4 hours to spare to try 4 different locations on Maggie Island Transport and cold drinks provided. The first 3  volunteers will be accepted. Date will be provisionally Saturday 5th Feb. In the meantime check out the website

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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