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The first week of Barra season is finished, so what are the results? Read on

I watched a program about Koalas during the week, and the estimated Koala population left in the whole of Aussie is only 50, 000 to 100, 000 animals, and declining fast. That’s terrible news, and critical action is needed to help our icons. On the local level, that means we Maggie islanders on our small Island have more than 1 percent of the total worlds Koala population. Now that is a responsibility that we all need to be aware of. Dog off leashes is one of the big Koala killers, so keep your dogs locked up at night, and report any injured koalas.

Fishing at HB last week I noticed a large pile of stuff tucked away in the sand dunes. On closer investigation, there were piles of a girls clothing and personal possessions, bag, mobile phone and food that had been eaten by animals. The camp had been deserted for weeks. Apparently Parks and wildlife are supposed to clean it up soon. Why this female camper left everything except ID we will never know, it’s all a bit weird. Even her pillow and very personal effects were still there.

Last week we named all the cars in our MI rental fleet with the names of the female first settlers. That’s 12 cars with names so far but I would love to see all the island hire cars named, that’s something special. I remember when all the buses on the island were named and visitors just loved it.

Some nice Barra have been caught, although not in big numbers yet. Congratulations to Belinda from Magnetic Adventure & Hire who got her first Barra of the season, and commiserations to Ray who was snapped off after an epic battle with a meter plus behemoth at Picnic Bay. (Lighter gear gives a better fish hook-up rate , but when the monsters hit its always going to be a challenge. )

I have done nothing to serious yet about getting a Barra, and have totally stuffed the first 2 half attempts, which is ironic when I planned to be ready for Barra season. I finally scored a 63cm  on Monday morning with a 2 Deadly, one of my favourite Barra lures. That’s not a huge fish but it’s a start, especially given my pathetic start.

On the first of Feb I did the keen thing, grabbing the old cast net and collected eight  good size Poddy Mullet. I chucked them in the bucket, added the aerator, put the lid on, put them on the ute tray. I parked the ute under the carport until night to keep them cool.  Somehow they must have conspired to all jump at the same time and knocked the lid right off the bucket and escape. Mind you it wasn’t well thought because they were all dead all over my tray when I came down after dark. All I had was one lonely mullet swimming in the bucket. I said to Mikki, “one live mullet is enough, used in the right area. ” Mikki  and I jumped in the Ute and went round to a special spot, where  I quickly baited that last mullet to the hook. Although he was a bigger mullet I broke the rules and hooked him through the tail instead of the nose. As I cast the rod with gusto, the bugger came flying off the hook and became the only fish in that school to survive. Alas, nothing left in the bucket and no lures with us, adventure done, we  went home.
Night 2, and I was having dinner and drinks with friends at the Lions Park. Of course I had a couple of new live mullet so I put my line out where I see Barra jumping occasionally. A few Vino’s, wonderful dinner conversation, and I couldn’t see my rod in the dark any more. Add a few cold Crownies, and I got too lazy to check the line. About 9 o’clock we decided to leave and went to pack up. As I pulled the line in with the live mullet on it, the sudden movement must’ve stirred whatever was lurking in the water nearby, and it struck. The line peeled off the small Fi-Nor at record speed as the big fish went straight around the pylons where the yachts moor, and snap, fish gone. Thus ended my second lazy Barra adventure. This week I will get a bit more serious, and hope for favourable winds.

Those Twitching Lures have not turned up yet, but Mark tells me they are available at the “As Seen On TV” shop in Castletown for $25. According to the lady there have been no returns yet.

Live Barra Fishing Tips

Bait small mullet through the tail really close to the tail, and larger ones through the mouth through to the top of the beak.

Use Leader 40lb to 60lb

Best Lures, Halco, RMG, Tilson Hardbodies.

Find the bait schools.

On the Island the best spots are near structure, mangroves, reefs, rocks, pylons, jetty and stinger nets.

Watch your drag settings, too tight or to soft equals lost Barra.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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