Fishin’ Maggie

What’s Happening On Maggie?

Did you know many people including avid anglers have no idea that we have such a great Barramundi fishery here on Magnetic Island? Not only do we have hundreds of healthy Barra, but the Saltie’s we do have in my view have better flavour than any creek or river fish. With all the hype about Barra fishing in NQ Maggie generally get missed in the fishing media. Many of you would say great more for us but I’m considering a Barra challenge Maggie style for next year. Release a few Barra with tags with prizemoney values, and see where they get caught. It won’t be the same values as NT of course. (Did that 1 million dollar Barra ever get seen again?

Congratulations James, for his monster Barra hook-up off the Horseshoe Bay boat ramp. Although he didn’t land the feisty beast,  it was his first Barra hook-up in years on lure, and the aerobatics made his day, leaping and twisting, and scaring another Barra nearby. The excitement of a Barra fish can be just as good, even if it isn’t landed. (Some of you probably disagree.)

I told a story a little while ago about a child falling off the Jetty while fishing. Well there is now another aquatic incident to report. The other night, on the full moon, an adult local riding out to the end of the jetty for a night fish, misjudged their braking distance and rode their bike right off the end into the low tide waters at night. He was carrying rod and fishing bag and all went with him in the calm tepid waters. A stunned walker rushed to help, (holding his laughter until the soaked and slightly inebriated angler was safe and back on the jetty). They managed to cast net the fishing bag that night, and the bike and rod has now been recovered with the help of a local Spearo. (Unfortunately he was also carrying an Iphone which is now only good as a sinker.)

Maggie Island is a beautiful and special place. One thing that I get upset about is people littering, particularly near water, where it gets washed or blown into the sea around the Island damaging sea life. I have 2 major complaints this week. One is the anglers leaving line and hooks around the rocks and shore. A resident’s dog ended up in pain as it trod on a discarded hook (still attached to line week), whilst walking with its owner. The poor animal didn’t deserve that. If you fish, clean up your mess when you leave. The second complaint is the night anglers on the Horseshoe bay boat ramp who constantly leave cigarette butts all over the ramp, to be washed into the ocean. (If anyone knows who does this, come and let me know off the record please.) Fishing is fun but clean up afterwards.

I went for a run Sunday to Palm Island. I set my alarm for 4am. (IPhone Siri is getting a better sense of humour. I said “set an alarm for 4 am”, and Siri said. “Alarm set for 4am Dale don’t wake me”. I wasn’t expecting thatJ) For those anglers who jump in their boats and head straight to the reef each trip, Palm Island is well worth visiting instead. Turquoise waters with colourful reef, and plenty of marine life, magnificent unpopulated beaches and loads of rocky shoals. I landed 2 beautiful Red Emperors off Hayman Rock, more than I’ve seen for a while, and we found Grey Mack’s and Trevally, in all locations. Unfortunately the sharks were very active and we got sharked a dozen times. Albino Rock is a great fishery as well, and I can’t say enough about the beauty of the place. Try that area next time for a fish.

Where’s the Fish?  With the hot waters (31 degrees) Salmon and Barra at WestPoint, Barra and Dart at Horseshoe Bay and some nice Flathead in all the Bays. Live bait is the best still although the last 3 Barra reported to me were caught on blue hard body lures,

Pirtek Fishing Challenge 19th March 2017

It’s that time again Maggie anglers, the National Pirtek fishing challenge. In support of Prostate cancer, I will be entering. (most of you know I lost my father to Prostate Cancer last year) It will be a great day. Sunday 19th March, 22 target species and $176,000 in prizes. If you are not able to book and pay online, (No credit card or internet etc), come in to Magnetic Adventure & Hire.  Pay at the counter and give me your details, and I will register on your behalf. You get a brag mat and the night before you get a text with your identifying number and all fish entered must be placed live on the mat with your number and a picture taken. The picture gets sent in and if you win, you get notified. In QLD we have 8 target species, to be announced.

Victorian Barra

Victorians aren’t happy to leave the Barra fishing to us in QLD, and have established their own Barra Fishery at Hazelwood Pondage near the LaTrobe Valley.  Using a Power station lake, which has warm water from cooling tower output, the Barra are apparently flourishing. An incredible 25000 people applied for a ballot to fish the lake in December/January, of which 500 lucky anglers got to launch their boats and fish in the lake.  The fishery opened in December 2016 and catches of barramundi over 80 cm have been reported already.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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