Fishin’ Maggie

Fishing Maggie

Geoff reported a massive 80cm Barra launching out of the water in Nelly Bay right next to his boat. Geoff has been watching the big Barra play in the evenings for a while but this monster did a full body leap, shaking its mouth like it was trying to get rid of a bone or lure and nearly hit the side of the boat. It’s one of those moments that you needed a boat dash cam, (used to be called a Kodak moment.) Barra are very active in Horseshoe Bay very early am, and in the harbour after dark, They have been noticeably absent at WestPoint, maybe the bait schools at Westie are a bit thin, and they have moved out deeper following food.

With the thick bait schools at Picnic Bay the lure fishing has been fantastic, quick retrieve Halco Twisties are working a treat. Those 10gm Twisties and Halco hard body poppers are also working at Horseshoe Bay, especially in the shallow southern end on the rising tide. Golden Trevally and GT schools have been coming in runs into the shallows causing top light gear action.

Congratulations to young Sammy on his lure caught big Queenie. Sammy is now an avid lure angler after his first big fish on lure.

Picnic Bay Jetty

It has been ages since Picnic Bay has the hottest spot on the Island but now I’m very happy to report that there is action aplenty off the jetty. Hard fighting Cobias, at least 3 last week, is a surprising bonus, rarely seen in the area anymore. Queenies are thick, feeding on the massive schools of Hardyheads and Greenback Herring. Visitors with light gear have been rushing back to Magnetic Adventure & Hire for heavier line as the big Queenies do their aerial antics and snap light line.  2 big Coral Trout, Cod, GT’s and Mackerel are all sweeping in for a feast. Flathead along the beach are great for a soft plastics session, most at the 30cm range but with a couple of larger ones for a good feed. Work around the shipwreck on the high and first hour of the drop.

Crab Report

There have been some big Bucks squeezing into pots with the creeks flowing gently into the ocean. Hotspots are Cockle Bay, Young Bay and Nelly Bay Harbour. There is nothing as sweet at Maggie Mud Crabs.

What causes crabs to die in a crabpot checked daily? This something I’ve been trying to find out all week. One of the Nelly Bay crabbers is on the island has been finding that many of his crabs caught in Gustav Creek have been dead when he checked his pots each morning. He has been getting some big crabs, and frustratingly can’t eat them. They’re obviously alive when they climb in the pot, but then die. I’ve heard two main theories.  One is that the rapid temperature difference from cold water coming out of the creek, vs the warm mud where they live, and the other is pollution from Gustav when they are exposed in a cage overnight. I’ve never seen it before, so if anyone has any other theories come and see me.

What’s Happening On Maggie

Easter is finally here, and everything is happening at once on our spectacular island. The weather has finally cooled down, with the humidity dropping to bearable levels. After such a hot run, people are happy again, leading into our best months of the year.

That 2 tonne boat that people saw sitting on the boat ramp at Nelly Bay, was due to an incorrectly tethered winch. The Boaties had just got back in and were pulling the boat up the ramp, when it slid right off the trailer and slammed onto the hard concrete. Imagine the sickening feeling the boys had hearing that. Fortunately there was minimal damage and the boat was re-trailered without too much drama.

A couple of adult Box jellyfish have been sighted around the island, and even though its late in the season, is a timely warning to wear stinger suits at least for another few weeks, One sting from these guys will hospitalise most people and ruin the holiday.

Fishing and Arachnophobia

I have this mate, and last time he had a spider run in I didn’t tell a soul, but after another one last week I have to tell both the stories.

The first incident happened after we had just been kayaking, and hopped back in to his car to drive home.  Unbeknownst to us, this guy had a sizeable wolf spider (the ones with the big fat body) sitting on it. When we hopped in the car the wolf spider dropped on his lap. I tell you honestly I have never heard a male scream that high-pitched before in my life, and because he didn’t realise he could scream at that octave he was kind of laughing at himself at the same time. The nervous spider didn’t like being out in the open and decided to run up my mates shorts. Well that caused his vocal cords to tighten and his screams got at least 2 octaves higher as he leaped from the car. Now I was cracking up laughing (mainly because it wasn’t me), and the scared arachnid fell to the driver’s side floor. Both being spider lovers, we decided to try and gently get the spider out without hurting it. (Some people would laugh, but we both normally like spiders) The wary spider didn’t like the idea of me attempting to flick it out of the car with a thong, and promptly ran up inside the driver’s dash cavity. We were a long way from civilization and a can of fly spray, and had to drive to the nearest town about 20 km away to get one. By this time we given up the heroic notion of saving the spiders life, and we both just wanted it stone dead. My mate was the driver, and watching him drive made me start laughing again, he kept his legs wide apart and kept nervously glancing from the road to his drivers side floor, waiting for the spider to fall out and lunge at him. I said “mate you but not going to kill us driving like that are you?” He replied “Dale if that spider drops down on my floor,  I’m leaping straight out the door without stopping you can kiss your butt goodbye.”  I think he was serious too, what a nervous trip back.

Finally we got to town and purchased some fly spray at a servo, went to the nearest fishing area, sprayed half a can into the car and had a fish for 15 minutes. We never found the carcass of the spider, and to this day it still hasn’t been seen. Story two next week.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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