Fishin’ Maggie

What’s Happening on Maggie

I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon down at the jetty; it’s been a long time since I’ve actually just sat there and watched the day go past. It was nice to just chat to people, and help kids fish. There were plenty of small fish around, the normal variety that you get at the jetty, and all happy to attack a dangle lump of squid. The larger pelagic’s, however, were noticeably absent. The livies stayed on the hook, swimming around, not being harassed, for the whole afternoon, Yet again I got to watch the storms build up over the ranges and then totally miss Magnetic Island heading north. We really are struggling to get a wet season in 2015, and the creeks have stopped running, which in late February is almost unheard of.

There are few crabs around still. Is that because of a lack of a wet season or have we over trapped them. Some local come in to Magnetic Adventure & Hire with the view that we lay way too many traps, overtaxing our small mangrove area and limited creeks. What do you think?

More Croc Stories

I almost cringe when I hear anything about crocodiles these days. However there was a reliable report from Loris and 2 other witnesses, who were squidding at the time. They say they saw a large croc was lounging around the boat ramp at Picnic Bay last Thursday night between the stinger net and the jetty. They rang Magnetic Adventure & Hire and EHP to let everybody know. They are upset because EHP said they had a lot more on their plate after the cyclone down south. And seem disinterested. They are probably getting hundreds of reports weekly, I would guess. Have you all seen the fake croc head in the water at the Lions Park? That’s creating quite a stir.

Onshore Fishing

Ben lost a thumpin Barra in the worst possible way, when he cast into Horseshoe Bay last week, Ben baited a live mullet and cast the rig. The Mullet must have hit the Barra smack on the head; who promptly swallowed his surprise treat from heaven, and bolted. Unfortunately Ben still had the bail arm open and was unable to get his reel organised in time, or the bail arm closed and the Barra just kept going. Just plain bad luck that is.

Barra have definitely been harder to come by in the last week despite the fact that there were better fishing tides . Only four Barra reported the biggest being 75 and luckiest being just legal at 61. Dave from West Point just made it with that one.

Offshore Fishing

Rocky Bay headland hosted some good size schools of GT’s last week, providing great sporting action for many boats. Matt and Pud got amongst it as did many others, having good GT action so close to home is always a rare treat. I got out with Caillen and John for some snorkelling and cray collecting on Friday, watching carefully for any crocs of course, and we scored some beauties. Sunday Dinner was fresh Coral Trout with Cray tails and chips. Just unbeatable tucker.

Moon Phases and Estuaries

More timely thoughts on Big tides and water movement Big tides means thousands of litres of water moving rapidly from creeks and our harbour spilling into the ocean. With all that water movement, creek and ocean floor will always be disturbed considerably. Food organisms living in or near the bottom become part of this mass exodus of water. Small fish then feed on these organisms, bigger fish will feed on these fish, and those pesky sharks feed on those fish. This equals a healthy marine environment. Pelagic fish species eating habits also vary depending on the phase of the moon. Everyone has a different story, but many studies show they are more active for 4 days leading up to the full moon and for 4 days after the new moon. That last big Barra Run fits perfectly with moon timing. More food for thought.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty
Cheers Dale
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