Fishin’ Maggie

WHat’s Happening On Maggie

Most boat trips and tours are having whale encounters as the middle pack of Humpbacks swim past the Cape. Concerning is the increase in boat strikes with so many whales in the water. Keep a sharp eye out.

I noticed Sunday that there are now 50 plus big boats moored in Horseshoe Bay and I’m guessing it is probably the build-up for the Race Week The yacht build-up should continue with only 2 weeks to go to the big 1 week event.

Pebbles is back for a visit, nice to see her back on the jetty doing what she loves, fishing. Peb’s like to target Coral Trout and squid and didn’t disappoint this trip. Check out the size of the squid pictured. Nice Calamari dinner Pebbles, (and she knows about marinading in Kiwi fruit vs milk too).

A Salmon, and a big one at that, was landed by Mr Edes, a resident at WestPoint. The Salmon should be gone (and it has been a lean year overall on Maggie for these hard fighting fish.) Mr Edes is a top bloke who combines his morning walk with a beach clean-up, tidying up after those that can’t do the right thing at one of our best beaches. Cracking fish mate.

This weekend is the big annual Game fishing Competition, 3 days of outstanding fun chasing Billies. I’m going to be away, and I’m devastated to miss it as last year was such fun. Apart from the great fishing the functions are top notch, and a highlight was a fully catered BBQ on the spit down at the bottom of the Cape. It doesn’t get better than that.

With the weekend fast approaching, it’s looking like it’s going to be a cracker, with fair boating conditions forecast for the area.
For the reef boats the fishing out deep has been tops, with a lot of big Nannygai, Jobfish and Spaniards, in close to the main reefs. They have produced good numbers of coral trout, red throat Sweetlip, parrot and those big hussar (sold as Mixed reef).

The Maggie coastline still has plenty of mackerel and some long tail tuna moving along it. Check out between Orchard Rocks and the point for big bait schools with Mack’s.
Dave has joined the Coral Trot Club, with a beauty off the breakwall. That breakwall is real gem on sunset, floating pillies over the bommies.

Crazy Fishing Patents

If you just hate the tiring job of hauling your catch out of the water every time you hook a fish? Well, with the Flying Fish gadget, patented in 1972, you’ll never have to worry about sore muscles again. The inventor created this unusual device so you could sit on your lazy butt all day long. Here’s how it works.

A large partially inflated balloon floats on the water’s surface above your baited hook. When a fish hooks up, you just press a button on your fishing rod and the balloon instantly fills with more helium and, hopefully, hooks your fish. You will watch in awe as your finny friend is pulled effortlessly out of the water and suspended in mid-air. You just sit back and comfortably reel in your catch – OUT OF THE AIR! Imagine at the reef. That big red emperor hooks up; it’s at 220 feet, that’s a tiring retrieve. Hit the inflate button and the balloon goes up and your fish is yanked 220 feet up no effort. Where’s the fun?

Remember, “To the world it may be just one fish but to me it is the World”

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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