Fishin’ Maggie

Fin Fish Closure – October 17th-21st

The Coral Reef Fin Fish or 2017 are October 17-21 and November 15th-19th. All dates are inclusive. Dates are selected to coincide with the new moon when our key coral reef species aggregate to spawn. At these times the fish are extremely vulnerable.

What’s Happening Around Maggie

Death adders are active now, and another much loved dog succumbed to a bite at Horseshoe Bay. In addition, the number of sightings and encounters has increased, so take care around leaf litter and bush.

Congratulations to Dave for a fine 3kg Coral Trout of Sunken Rock. Dave for some reason has only caught 4 big fish on the Island and they have all been Coral Trout, what’s the chances?? Adam from Aquascene is still getting some lovely big Coral Trout, as is Jimmy on Early Birds Charters.

Jamie and Matt were out in Matts Tinny early last week trolling around the Eastern side of Maggie. Jamie had just asked Matt if you get Marlin in so close, and super keen angler Matt said “I’ve never caught one mate”. Not 5 minutes later 500n off Horseshoe Bay a 40kg Marling hooked up and Matt was fighting a leaping twisting Black Marlin. Jamie grabbed the phone was trying to film at the same time, so there was complete bedlam in the boat, the type that anglers love. After getting the tired fish to the side of the boat, Matt went to grab it, and the wily Black saw an opportunity to escape bucked hard and took off into the deep. The boys were devo, (especially when they realised the video wasn’t recording, ouch.) That’s the 4th Orchard Rocks Marlin I have reported, the deep water and big bait schools can lure the Apex predators in. The last one I think was Brett from Bungalow Bay.

Utopia Charters had a smashing trip to Myrmidon last week, cleaning up on the edible fish and some big sport fish, although Marlin were elusive. The biggest Mackerel they landed was an absolute horse of a Mack. As they were battling the fish and got first sighting, Warren said…’Holy Crap that’s a HUGE Spaniard. The other boys agreed and when finally, in the boat measured up at staggering 6-foot long. 30KG plus Mack’s are a rare catch indeed. It was released, the chance of getting Ciguatera is just too high in those big fish.

Around the Island we’ve had the pesky North Easterlies, Trico, Sea Lice, Fire Jellies, but its still perfect weather for fishing, if not snorkelling. Hopefully the winds in the next few days will dissipate the red Algae, which has been causing some smelly haired snorkelers at some of the bays, they are most unimpressed.

One of our favourite species Grunter are in numbers at Westpoint, falling to a floated peeled prawn. A focus fish of many Island angler’s mid tides and an hour after dark will set you up with a feast.   Sizes are 40-50cm, perfect size.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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