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Thanks for all of you who signed the petition to save the boat ramp at Picnic Bay. Council now are on notice that you all care for its future. Too many services disappear

I was chillin in my loungeroom writing my fishing article, shirt off TV on, feet up when my front door suddenly swung open and a bikini clad French woman walked right into my loungeroom. (No it wasn’t a dream.) I looked up startled, and the girl stopped dead, mouth agape swivelled around and bolted with a shocked departing apology. Should I lock the front door in the future? No way.

There was a bad injury at the Nelly Bay boat ramp last week when a woman got her hand caught while assisting in retrieving a boat. The damage to her fingers was extensive, its sometimes a tricky business retrieving boats. I’ve seen lots of mishaps on the island with boats, including a poor fellow trapped between the trailer and his boat while the sea pounded the boat against his legs. (Us anglers do earn our fish with injury, boat issues and associated repair costs.)

RC did the big NC Charters outer trip last week. Massive schools of Cobia, 11 big Red Emperor, 40 quality Trout big Mahi Mahi ( Dolphinfish) on jig, lots of tasty Robinson Sea Bream, Gold Band Snapper and they even dropped a Marlin. Outer reef trips are a delight. For those of you who want the relaxing style fishing, being fed and having a coldie, whilst pulling big fish day after day Call Cliff on NC Charters, It’s a great experience.

Our new hire reef boards finally arrived from the US. From a starting price of $330 US each the price blows out rapidly when items reach our ports. 8 boogie boards and the shipping company managed to slug $2000 in extra charges, what a disgrace. What is automation fees, port security fees, Quarantine fees etc?

Fishing Maggie

The Grey Mackerel are in and building fast in numbers. Early last week they did a feeding run past Nelly providing a brief but exciting prelude to what’s to come.  My biggest was 110cm but there were plenty over a meter. After dropping 7 out of 11 on Monday evenings session I went back to the store and replaced all the rear trebles on the Halco lures I use with sharper shogun ones. The result? 100 percent hook-up rate percent on Tuesday. Unfortunately, the boat still playing up so I’m temporarily out of service. Greys aggregate to spawn and late last week were all schooled up for the full moon spawning. (Up to 250000 eggs per female per spawning.) Roo reported a massive aggregation on his sounder off Desolation point, the sounder full of hundreds of big fish, but not hungry at all. After spawning we should see some great local action, 3 weeks of fish frenzy, bring it on. Don’t forget minimum 60xm and 5 fish per Angler.

The good thing about Horseshoe Bay is that you can set a dead bait line and still flick a lure. Matt and the boys have changed tactics, giving up chasing Barra and using lighter peeled prawn lines for Grunter. The tactic worked a treat with the boys hooking some good size Barred Grunter to 60cm just on dark. Bob also had some good feeds of Grunter, enough to share with neighbours.

Down the Northern end hungry School Mack’s were following in the bait fish all the way to the shore and taking surface lures. Most were slightly undersize and had to be released, but top fun.

Cockle Bay was absolutely swarming with Snub Nose Gar and Whiting as the big tides forced them in close to shore. Great for a quick drag for bait and then off for a troll

Mick managed a trifecta of Trevally near the blue house at Cockle with a Goldie, a GT, and a Diamond Trevally in one high tide session. Nice Work Mick. Woops I’m out of room, will have to leave shipwrecks till next week.

Remember, “To the world it may be just one fish but to me it is the World”

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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