Fishin’ Maggie

What’s Happening on Maggie

Our very windy week kept the humidity nicely at bay. That was one of the coolest February weeks I can remember but definitely not good for fishing. The fish were shut down all week, with the murky waters pushing the Pelagics deeper.

I took a yak out to White Lady Bay exploring on the weekend. It is such a lovely bay, and so much history. (I wonder how many unsuspecting boats from afar hit those oyster covered underwater posts from the oyster beds that are all through the bay.) The amount of Asbestos warning signs on the shore is ridiculous though. Every ruin and building has warning signs plastered around. I think some areas need a good clean up, but it would be a great place to have a picnic with the family.

Tropical cyclone warnings will probably keep the Island generally quiet this week, although lots of backpackers have left Cairns to chase the Sun in Townsville.

The Bucket

One lady was telling me a funny story about being out with 2 blokes trolling off the bay. The day was hot and one of the blokes fell asleep. The other 2 wannabe comedians tied a wire bucket to his line then woke him up. There was an ensuing 10 minutes of hard cranking work before sleepy realised he had been had.

Onshore Fishing

The Bohle is cranking out Crabs with one or our water board island guys getting 16 keepers in 3 traps in the mouth of the river. On our island though, the pots are noticeably light. There are still some blue swimmers in the harbour, but muddies are much scarcer. We still need our big wet on the Island to flush them out. There are a few prawns in Young Bay but they are very small as yet.
Caiden got out to Westpoint on the weekend and cracked a 1 m Queenie on live mullet. Other species caught were a 2kg GT and a 1.2m Hammerhead.

Horseshoe Bay was the calmest bay, but again very quiet. Dave reported a Grunter topping the scales at 4kg south of the stinger nets. The beast was caught on dead limp prawn, so you just never know.

The Wedding

A jealous wife was complaining to her husband that he thought more of catching fish than their relationship.

“You don’t pay me any attention at all any more. All you think about is fishing. I bet you don’t even remember the day we got married? “

“Of course I do honey, it was the day I got that monster Barra in the Bohle”

Until next time gone Barra Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty
Cheers Dale
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