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What New On The Rock

Lately it seems we are spoiling our reputation of 300 sunny days a year with low cloud hanging around almost daily. Last weekend was very busy, with relaxed visitors everywhere, enjoying our beautiful Island, despite the oppressive humidity and the persistent March Flies. Included in the weekend visitor tally was 150 Raffie’s from Williamtown, N.S.W., here to enjoy our special charms and have fun. We have had a big tourist year and seem to be attracting more attention from down south, wonderful news for the economy.

On a trip to Brewer Sunday we saw 10s of thousands of juvenile Jellyfish swimming in the currents, what an incredible sight. The good news, though, is that stingers have still been scarce around the Island, with the lifesaver net drags producing none all week , although there was an outbreak of red algae, (always smelly and annoying.)

After a boatie reported a dragging shark buoy, (a sure sign of a big fish or shark,) the shark man was seen taking a quite a while to remove a very large shark in the same location at Nelly Bay the following day.  It was reported as a big 9 foot tiger shark that had been sighted several times by boaties in the area prior.

Some boys from W.A have been shark fishing the jetty at night, catching the big Noahs that move in after dark on heavy gear. Then they drag them down to the sand, tag them and let them go. Yes, they do that for holiday fun. The biggest tag they achieved was a 12 foot Hammerhead.  Hammerheads apparently can travel thousands of km. (Interesting fact, Hammerheads are one of the few creatures in the world that actively sunbake and get a tan.)

I just got the latest Killer Vibe 16cm lures instore from River2Sea, big mean metal game lures with 2 big hooks. On the back of the pack it says. ‘ALL CONTENTS IN THIS PACKAGE ARE NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION AND MUST BE USED FOR FISHING PURPOSES ONLY. CAUSTION EXTREMELY SHARP HOOKS.’ I kid you not, it’s a crazy world. (We at the shop are still laughing about some 1 year old birthday cards we have on shelf. The warning on their packet says, “warning not for children under 2 years old.) Work that one out if you dare.

Fishing Maggie by Land

The moon was fill and the tides were very big, but despite all that movement the island fish remained extremely lethargic. Lighter tackle was needed to get the hits and the use of soft plastics a must, always a winner on a slow day. Soft plastics slow retrieved always fire up slow and lazy fish. Bartailed Flathead were hitting lures in Cockle Bay and Young Bay, but being so lethargic, you had to dong them on the head with the lure to make them have a go. Grunter were chasing small Whiting in the southern end shallows at Horseshoe Bay and taking peeled prawns and slow jigged Nemesis gulps right on sunset on the big tides. Speaking of Whiting, I just received a shipment of the new Whiting and Mullet soft plastics from River2Sea. Called Chasebaits they are designed to move like fish and have a small magnet to tidy up that 2nd Treble near the tail. They certainly look the goods, I will be giving a trial one to the 2 people in store to mention this lure, (Chaserbait Poddy Mullet), providing I get a report on its use and results.)

When fishing is tough, even on shore, a bit of burley can do wonders firing up fish, enticing them to smash well-presented baits. We tend to forget the value of fish burley, especially at WestPoint and Horseshoe Bay on quiet days.

The jetty is still producing those hard fighting pan size GT’s on prawns and lures, as well as Queenies in the smaller sizes, so the holidays should provide some action for visitors as well. One 1m Cobia smashed a live pike at the jetty, giving a local a work out, heading towards the stinger nets at full noise. B ran down the jetty while reeling in excess line, leaped on to the sand still holding his rod from the jetty. He managed to get the big fish to the creek mouth before the hook popped and had to jump on it to keep it. Where are the video cameras when you need them?

Fishing Maggie by Boat

The bait schools were thickest off Orchard Rocks this week, and following the bait was that elusive school of Doggies and 70cm plus Greys, as well as a couple of Spaniards. The schools were fast moving, earlier in the week they were reported off Westpoint where Dave E got into them.  Adam reported big Greys leaping out of the water near Middle Reef as well, so they are still doing circuits following the bait. Sometimes you get a pleasant change. Brett was chasing Greys off Hawking’s Point and landed a top shelf 4kg Fingermark instead. Pulling it up to the boat he thought he had a shark on because it was such a hard and heavy fight, and was stoked when he realised what it actually was. The aggressive hunter took a 4m mullet diver near sunset, and was a very welcome catch on an otherwise quiet fishing day.

Brewer Reef had schools of 80-95 cm roving Cobia in big numbers, although Spaniards were rere.

This week, with the NE winds prevailing, fish the pipeline and the mangroves on the high tides with soft plastics like my new chasebait mullets, and shallow divers.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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