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What’s New On The Rock

Last week’s big blow was most unexpected, a super strong storm cell that wacked the island. Wind gauges on Yachts in the harbour measured up to 56 knots, that’s over 100km per hour. Several yachties were telling me there were waves breaking over their boats, and that was in the Marina. Lucky the whole event was short lived, but unfortunately only 8mm of rain. If sustained for 10 minutes those winds would have been Category 2 equivalent. long range forecasting has forecast top conditions for the Christmas, Boxing day period of under 10 knots. Let’s hope they are correct. There might even be a couple of reef trips if its that calm.

We had another mishap last week, a financially costly one. Happily fishing his favourite spot after dark, he was helping his wife pull in a suspected big fish/shark when his rod bent over in the rod holder and the line started peeling out. At the same time the rod and rod holder started leaning forward, a sure sign the drag is just a touch too tight, or sand too loose. A Conundrum, keep helping the wife with her catch, or dive for the other rod. Scott chose a combination of the two, trying to keep helping, while pulling the rod with the fish on it toward his straining rod. Alas too slow, the fine sand gave way and the rod took off for the mangroves, never to be seen again. Crabbers at Young Bay, there is an expensive rig somewhere near the mangroves. If you find, can you please drop to Magnetic Adventure & Hire so I can make a hard working guy very happy. After the boating mishap recently causing the bad injury to his wonderful wife, he needs a fishing break. He did report some top fishing at WestPoint with the lines being very active after dark.

Fishing Maggie

Picnic Bay Jetty had a brief visit from a school of Herring that fired up the fishing for several  days. Queenies and GT’s followed the Herring and were most welcome on visitor’s lines.

WestPoint is the most active spot to throw in a line, all the way from the top bay to Young Bay just after the high. Those big chunky rod straining Blue Salmon are back in numbers, great fun if you have guests up for Christmas. For those anglers who bait fish with a little finesse, try peeled local prawns floated over the top of the shoals on the turning high tides for Grunter and Trevally. Goldie’s are plentiful and top eating baked in foil with a little lemon, salt and pepper.

One of my regulars got a flattie on pillie at Cockle Bay. The mid-sized Flathead must have been hungry to take a pillie. Cockle Bay has to be one of my favourite fishing bays, great views, the best sunsets and top fishing on the right tides. Fish the weed beds past the blue house.

For the boaties, Coral Trout, Golden Trevally and Mackerel, are the current fish run around the Island. Good news is they are all tasty eating. For those chasing the elusive Grey’s, they are midway between Cordelia Rocks and Bay Rock, but moving fast. Most are the 900-1.15m Fish too, the good eating size. Heaps of Golden Trevally in the Grunter holes off WestPoint taking my red white Qantas RMG lures. The Coral Trout population around the island remains very healthy, in fact for shallow waters there is more per bommies than Lodestone, remarkable really.  For the night anglers on boat Gold Spot Cod are hitting floated squid off White Rock and Bay Rock.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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