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What’s New On The Rock

My new fishing toy “Zombaits” have arrived from the US, and they really look the goods.  However everyone I showed couldn’t help smiling when I turned one on to show them how they work, they just don’t look right wiggling away without a dead fish around them. Next week if I can get any of my stupid boats going,  I’ll give them a burl and see what happens when I drop them out at the shipping channel. At $70 each there will be heavy wire on them.

More stock of the Chaserbait “Ultimate Squid” have arrived, they really look the goods. I gave a tester pack to Josh, and he’s going to drop some out at Chicken Reef and see if they perform as promised.

I ordered the micro Penn rigs for the 1lb invitational challenge, to be held on the jetty in late March. 10 Anglers working super light gear trying to land the biggest fish on only 1 lb line. That’s going to test the super anglers skills somewhat. Winner will get the best light angler award Magnetic Island. I will have more information about this fun event very soon.

I have a mate who professes to be a great angler. Last week he was out with some young anglers, new to NQ fishing. As luck would have it a huge Spaniard hooked the big 50lb overhead, just off Orchard Rocks and the braid started peeling off, ratchet clacking full noise. One of the young fella’s was right on to it, he jumped straight on the rig and started fighting the whopper Spanny, which was easily 20kg plus. As you imaging the fish was taking a while coming in, and my mate was getting a bit impatient. Being a man of vast experience he stepped forward and pushed the drag lever higher, explaining to the novice that doing that would help get the fish in faster. As he did the line snapped at the leader and the fish escaped. I can only imagine the pain they both felt at this moment. Moral of the story, if someone is doing just fine on their own, don’t intervene.

Cleveland Bay water temperatures have hit 30 degrees for the first time this year, that’s bath tub stuff. That pushes a lot of fish out deeper and makes Horseshoe Bay enter its quiet times, really hard fishing. Now is the time to work the points and the deeper waters. I like Fish Cove, deeper clearer waters and big Trout and Stripey’s.

Whale sharks are around again. I haven’t seen them out here for years; the last time was out at Arab reef with Adam at night. Whale sharks are filter feeders, so that should mean healthy plankton and krill levels somewhere near here, great to see. We were keen to swim with the one that hung around our boat, but not one of us was was game to leap in the water at night, we were all too chicken. When you fish out deep you know how big the sharks are.

Fishing Maggie by Land

While the Flathead have gone deep, the Queenies have come in closer to the beach. One thing about feeding Queenies, they will sweep right into the shallows near your feet chasing bait. Last week one supercharged queenie scared a big prawn right out of the water next to my feet. I tried to grab it as it frantically tried to get back to the water and just grabbed it in time. On the hook and in the water and bang, a Queenie was on. I was kind of hoping for a Grunter but it was something. Live prawns are top bait and rarely stay long on the hook. The prawn was a good size; try a cast net on the high tide to get some dinner. I use a milk crate and a cast net and stand in the shallows on the outgoing tide.

With the main catch Queenies and Trevally off the shore, small chromies and poppers are working well. For bait fisherman fillet of gar on light line with 20lb leader and 2 x size 1 sinkers is all you need, along with patience.

Fishing Maggie by Boat

JH hooked up on a massive 500lb plus Black Marlin off Myrmidon on the deep water on 30lb gear. That’s a big fish. He also reported plentiful Yellowfin and Mahi Mahi in the clear waters in the area. There is also a wonderful lagoon for swimming safely 70 nm out to sea. If you haven’t done a big trip out deep, put it on your bucket list, it’s just incredible out deep.  I’ve been out in several styles, the first in a large A/C game boat trolling all the way. Upon arrival we did some loops around Myrmidon and trolled back in, watching TV and having a cold beer from the fridge. The other trips, in smaller boats on small hot decks with sweaty anglers and beer in eskies and I definitely prefer the latter.

The Spaniards should be out deeper but some nice fish have been caught off Barber Island and through the Palm channel where the bait is still thick and close to shore.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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