Fishin’ Maggie

What’s New On The Rock

There have been no jelly fish in the lifesaver drags, in any dragged bays, a great year for swimming this year so far. (Not so good for stinger suit sales.) Mind you if we think we have problems with Jellyfish, check out the Japanese scourge. Nomora’s Jellyfish. They estimate 20 billion of these 90 kg 4m wide  Jellyfish are causing periodical havoc to fishing boats and the ecology. Imagine if we had thousands of them up on the beaches, tourism would be impossible.

No decent rain still and its February. Our dam is at 15 percent and even the mighty Burdekin is only 74%.

I went with a few friends to do the magical sunset fishing at WestPoint; you know BBQ snags, beer, fishing and all that great stuff that goes with it. Janie was getting slaughtered by bugs and even got bitten through her clothes by unknown but vicious blood suckers. The next day she looked like Rocky after a world title boxing match, all red patches and swollen. Funnily enough nobody else saw a bug all night. (I encourage everyone to take someone with sweet blood fishing with them, it saves the whole group.) Anyway the next day Bert from WestPoint dropped in to the store. It turns out we had left a Quantum smoke combo still plugged into the rocks with line in the water all night. Thanks for saving it and your honest Bert. Great guys out at WestPoint. Bert said there was no fish on the end of the line though.

We did our first Repo this week just like on the TV shows. (Repo Man) Matt told me there were two of our hire bikes overdue by more than 24 hours after pulling out some paperwork at the shop, and no phone call. We called the numbers on the paperwork for hours and no reply. After some great detective work and help from a local accommodation house, we tracked the offender’s holiday location down.  Wally and I went there and knocked on the door several times, but nobody was home. We found the bikes around the side, rang Magnetic Adventure & Hire and got the lock combination, then took our bikes and rode off down the road back to work, it was all pretty exciting. The only problem was Matt had grabbed the wrong paperwork and this couple had the bikes for another 24 hours.  When they walked to the shop they weren’t too happy. (Moral of the story- check your facts first)

In another bike incident, last week, a very large Argentinian man hired an electric bike and on the way up Horseshoe Bay Hill decided to have a look at the scenery by veering to the right where the ocean views are. Unfortunately, he forgot he still had the power on L4 and went straight over the cliff, falling about 2 1/2 m and taking bark off arms legs back and face. The embarrassed and mangled rider got up, pulled the 24kg bike back out, then rode all the way back to the store still bleeding. Janie helped mop up the blood on his arms and back and legs, after which he asked us to check the bike over so he could keep going. Damn, they build them tough in Argentina.

Fishing Maggie

The fish of the week would have to go to Toby, with a 10kg monster GT off the beach at WestPoint on 20lb line. It is always top sport fighting such a powerful fish, and off the beach can be a real challenge for the big ones because they take a lot of line and fight hard. GT’s and Queenies were the go all week on the top of the high.

It only took a little rain, and mud crabs are on the menu again, and solid they are too. Most pots that are out have finally started producing more crabs than Cod. Yep big fat Cod just love squeezing into those pots looking for whatever smelly bait you have on offer. One surprise last week was a Coral Trout caught in a pot in the harbour, now that’s a rare catch. One question asked regularly is “Can you keep fish that get caught in the pot?”   I have asked fisheries this question because the pots are targeting crabs and Cod and Bream are a regular side catch. The only answer I get is that Fisheries are not in the habit of fining crabbers who get a fish in their pots and keep them.

Spotted Mack’s of the beach at Horseshoe Bay? Yes unusual but welcome catches in an otherwise uninspiring fishing week on the Island.

I had a top little session at Cockle Bay chasing Bar Tails and small GT;s in the weed beds just past the Blue house. Cockle Bay is a haven for Fly fishing; those GT’s causing plenty of shallow water action.

Barra Season Is Here

Are you all ready?? Barra season is here, and Midday Thursday is the big day. Normally that is my one day off but in typical bad planning Janie going to visit Mikki at Nowra Navy Base Thursday for 4 days, which means I do open till close at work. When I realised the big stuff up I called them both separately and asked really nicely if I could change Janie’s travel dates. I explained “cause its Barra season opening day” I thought what would work, but they both treated me like I was nuts. Please send your disgust at her lack of support to Mikki via Facebook.

Where are the Barra? Off the points at Horseshoe Bay, Arthur Bay, and of course along the Mangroves from Bolger to Young Bay. The harbour still has a heap, in fact at least 2 massive ones are living under the Sealink Pontoon. For the smaller ones hit Ned Lees Creek and Picnic Bay.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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