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Sunday saw the first probable Irukandji sting of the year with a visitor stung inside the nets at Horseshoe Bay. The injured person was medivaced to town and the nets were closed for 24 hours. Given the strong Northerlies, it is not uncommon to have stingers blown in, but its been such a good year, it was a shame to have anyone stung at all

More turtle stories, as more turtle nests release cute little hatchlings. Our own X-Base had a unique and moving experience for their international guests when a clutch of turtles hatchlings from a nearby nest decided that the base concourse was the ocean and somehow managed to get up the stairs and started running through the centre of the concourse where drinkers and diners were gathered.

The quick-thinking team at X-Base doused the lights and assisted the turtles to get back to their watery safety. Well done team. A couple that got washed straight back out of the surf again decided to turn up the beach and head back towards base, but they were gently coaxed to give it another go to get into the ocean.

Magnetic Adventure & Hire (Wally and I actually ) had to do a boat rescue on Wednesday, after some picnickers from town decided that halfway down Horseshoe Bay Beach was is a good place for a day picnic. Last week was a shocker in HB, Northerlies creating mucky rough weedy waters, no good at all. The rollers took care of the boat swiftly, swamping the boat and losing mobile phones etc, filling the boat with water and sand.

The boat owner walked up to Horseshoe Bay Store they suggested giving us a call . When you are stuck on a beach and swamped you are no longer Coast Guard’s responsibility (Although they didn’t have Coast Guard coverage anyway), and more the responsibility of MSQ who don’t really do rescues.  It took us nearly 5 hours to sort the situation and I ended up having to launch my boat “Bazinga” just back from town repairs into the crappy waters.   Well you wouldn’t read about it but after getting the distressed boat re-floated and towing it to within 400m of the boat ramp, my boat broke down, with the same issue as before. I couldt believe it, its cost over a grand and not fixed?  I now had to row two boats tied together to the beach and get them out of the water without power, not fun I can tell you. But Wally and I got it done and both boats retrieved thanks Wally.  The three people from town caught the ferry home, and were very embarrassed, I think just wanted the whole situation to go away.

Kids Fishing Competition Late May

I would like to get a kid’s fishing comp organised for late May, but I need some sponsors. Is there anybody out there that wants to do some sponsorship? We have $100, $50, 420 and  $10 sponsorships available We are planning the first Westpoint kids fishing competition, which I think could be a lot of fun, on the high tide, council permitting. Call the store on 4778 5126 if you have a spare $50 or $100 I will also need some donations of time from some parents, if you could register at Magnetic Adventure & Hire as well. Robbie A would you donate a Portaloo please?

The local fishing comps are great for kids and introduce a lot of younger people to the wonderful sport of fishing. We will be also organising transport for those without the means to get there and back. More soon

Fishing Maggie

With the typical winds for this time of year being hot Northerlies, most fishing has been restricted to calmer cleaner spots, mainly Nelly Bay and Westpoint area In the chase for Barra at WestPoint, many sharks and rays are taking bait, so I rather think lures might be the better way to get Barra without wasting time with sharks. (The excitement that happens when the line bends over and line peels out wanes quickly the second you know it’s only a shark or ray.)

The fish of the week went to a dedicated Melbourne angler, George. George landed a 75 cm Barra, his first ever, off the concrete block at Nelly Bay, on strip Diamond scale Mullet. (That’s the same place that Mikayla got her first Barra 12 years ago.) Without landing net, he had to quickly hand the rod to his wife Ally, with instructions to keep reeling in very slowly, and bolt down the rocks to grab the fish. He showed me some nice cuts, created in the process, caused by the lively Barra not rocks.

Roo smashed out a whole bunch of big Grunter in an all-night trip to his favourite Grunter spot off Westpoint.  Grunter, or Javelin fish are a great fish to chase at night, they come on strong on the change of tide on the mid tide. They would arguably be our most consistent edible catch around the Island, (apart from the estuary Cod)

February is quiet times, so hot that many hang up their rods for a while. Don’t give up take a couple of beers and try night fishing around the Bommies.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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