Fishin’ Maggie

What’s New On The Rock

Finally, some of that wet stuff that everyone else gets but us has finally landed our way. The totals were impressive given there was no real forewarning of a big rain event.

Horseshoe Bay 313 mm

Nelly Bay 232 mm

Picnic Bay 212 mm

WestPoint 288 mm

That’s some impressive totals in there, All the creeks are running, as is the big waterfall at 5 Beach Bay. Some fast follow up rain will be needed to keep the flows going.

That multi tonne rock that fell onto the middle of Horseshoe Bay Road at 11am Saturday morning caused a big stir. Luckily nobody was injured, and the council bulldozer pushed it over the edge to clear the road.

I had a report of illegal gillnetting on the island last week. This affects our fish populations, and the enjoyment of honest recreational anglers. If you see any suspicious activity call 1800 017 116 or there is a Facebook anonymous dob in site on the fisheries App.  Search QLD Fisheries in the App store or Google Play.

What do you get when you combine a fishing kayak, SUP, and a power boat in one…you get the Solo Skiff, A watercraft that allows you to go out and back in minutes, go any distance and fish, stand up when you need to, and launches from the back of a ute. Impressive. Checkout $1700 is a good price, and its perfect for Mangroves.

I don’t usually tell Customer stories, but I just have to this week because we had special customers, (if you know what I mean.)

We had a customer hire a manual 4wd to go to Radical Bay and had such a scary time they decided to abort and come back for an auto car for the rest of their day hire. Janie accommodated their request and organised straight away for a Chery to be ready for them. Trying to be efficient Janie said. “We will fill that car for you and you can pay when you fill the Chery tomorrow. The customer said “I don’t want to pay to fill 2 cars, only one, I may as well stay with the manual then. Janie tried to explain it was the same amount of fuel just spread over 2 cars, but this customer just couldn’t understand and had to go check with her friend if it was ok. Customers in the shop were trying to hide smiles as they carried on, but eventually they cracked up.

Fishing Maggie

Where’s the Barra? that’s the big question. The answer… everywhere. While the big ones are still elusive, the 60-85cm are being caught regularly.

Coz and Co have been doing well out Westpoint way, although not till very late at night, Barra have been interfering a feeding frenzy around 11pm (when most of us are in bed.)

Methods of catching have been varied, although Livie’s are always worth a go

TW dropped 5 Barra on popper late at night in the quiet waters of Horseshoe Bay in a brisk session late last week. Tarpon were a much-appreciated side catch, and he had to settle for popper fun with one of the most sought after sportfish in the world. (Shame about the eating quality.) Poppering is such a rewarding way to fish, seeing the fish hit the lure is just the best buzz, close to the thrill of the hit during fly fishing.

What Bait for Barra fishing. Surprisingly most Barra caught in the last 2 weeks has been caught on dead bait, despite well-presented livie’s being dangled in the same area. Mullet and Gar fillet seem to be working better, not sure why. (Don’t forget to use Wide Gap hooks for a better hook-up rate.)

One of those 2 little Mangrove crocs was spotted Tuesday, head up for a look while the boys were out in the Mangroves, only small 1m, but curious watching the goings on.

Thursday sees a massive 4.07 Tide at 8.07 am, that’s a great tide for a mangrove run, although all week should be perfect Barra fishing as the creeks push the baitfish and prawns out onto the flats.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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