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What’s New On The Rock

Debris and big logs are causing major issues boating around the Island after the rains pushed all the vegetation out of the creeks and into the bay. Take due care. One local up side of the heavy rain, (and there are many), is thundering waterfalls at Endeavour/ Dogshed/ Joyce/ Huntingfield and Winikie’s (Now happily owned by the Bees- Congratulations.) The fresh water pools are just magnificent. Get up and have a swim. Seeing the kids Boogie Boarding down Gustav again is also awesome and brings back memories.

I have had a young and cute Koala living at 39 Mandalay nearly every day since January. That’s across the road from the shop on our block and is wonderful for Nelly Bay tourism. (Free Koala sighting with every car hire- that’s gold) Mummy Koala had been severely dehydrated before the rains and was placed in Koala care, but unfortunately passed away with kidney failure. (Heat stress/dehydration is a big killer of Koalas in our dry tropics.) Our teenager, Tommy being even lazier than most has made one tree his semi-permanent home. Where else do you get a drive through Koala in the wild?? It’s not all roses with the public however, I recently had difficulty with this one visitor who wanted to feed it and cuddle it and couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t get it down for her. I tried to explain wild animal, big claws, scared, has its own leaves on the tree for food and all those concepts but they were not to be convinced.

Pirtek Challenge – Sunday 18th March

We all know people affected by Prostate Cancer. 2 years ago, my father passed after a losing a long and painful fight with this terrible Disease. To say its degrading and family destroying would be like saying Meter Barra are easy to catch. Well its that time again when you can have an extraordinary and relaxing fishing day and help support the fight against prostate Cancer. Only 25 dollars, (that’s only half a carton of Great Northern) to join and you get a 10th anniversary Cap, Brag Mat and sticker. You also go into the draw to win the major prize, a Stacer 4.65 75hp plus trailer.  Total prizes this year over 200k Our QLD target species this year are Flathead, Whiting and Barra. On the Island we should be chasing Barra, as the other species grow a bit small up here. Join on line @ or if you don’t want to do online come pay us and give us your details at Magnetic Adventure & Hire and we will do your registration. (No later than 8/3/2018) Grab some mates It’s a great Sunday. You get your entrant number just before start and place your fish on you brag mat with your unique number and take a pic and send to the judges. Simple as that. I will be out there, so we need a few more supporting this awesome day. There are mystery sizes as well, so you don’t have to get the biggest fish.

Fishing Barra

The photo this week is a monster Barra caught at Rowes Bay by long time island Brett from Bungalow Bay. The ownership of this prize is hotly disputed by wife Janelle who accompanied him and decided to have a little jog while he set up fishing base. First cast and this big girl was peeling line. Janelle says it should be her catch, but the proof is in the pic.

This week’s epic fail award goes to PT, who had an embarrassing start to a HB fishing trip. PT was sitting fishing in a tinny off the stinger nets flicking lures. He sat his rod between his legs and lit a smoke. The Rapala lure that was still hanging in the water about 10m out got smashed right at the side by either a queenie or Trevally and in the blink of an eye was gone. It was a sweet little Abu Baitcaster, Good news is I get to order him a new one. ( Sorry mate)

The fresh water has fired up the fishing at Horseshoe Bay, Westpoint, the Harbour and along the mangrove line. Its perfect conditions for Trevally, Queenies, Mackerel and especially the big prize Barra. Andy has 4 under his belt, (three more than me.) I’ve started the season with figures of 5-4-1 Five sighted 4 hooked and one landed, might need new trebles I think. I’m trying 3 new lures and one seems to be a standout, Zerek Barra X- Pro. It has a beautiful swim action, weighted perfectly and seems to attract Barras to check it out.

Next week looks like being a great one as the prawns have been flushed out of the mangroves.

If you aren’t lucky with Barra, Schools of Trevally are close to shore and Goldie’s are extremely edible. I am cooking fresh Golden Trevally as I write this, it is one of the best fish to foil bake, slightly firmer and absorbs all the flavours you add. Bake whole with Ginger, Garlic, salt, pepper, lemon, shallots and dill.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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