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Geoff was itching to tell me his Barra story this week. The boys were sitting on the back of Geoff’s Boat having a cold beverage down in D arm. (That area can be a little fishing Gem, Mullet Gar and Herring hang around the boats and pylons and attract big predators.) As they often do they were feeding some fish, when a 90cm Barra slowly swam up near the side to see what was happening, rolling over for a good look around. The guys had used the last of the fish food and Geoff was looking for something to put on a fishing line to get this big beast of a fish. The only thing around was the left-over potato bake from dinner, still on the deck. Geoff grabbed his baitcaster rig, baited up quickly with cheesy potato bake, (yep no lie) , and floated it out the back. Well the ravenous Barra swallowed the potato, with cheese and hook. So, Geoff is trying to slow this Barra down as it peeled braid off his small baitcaster and headed for the rocks on the opposite bank. Less than a minute and 2 head shakes later, and the Wily Barra was gone, leaving some adrenalin loaded boaties shaking their heads in disbelief.

The local rain gauges have reported a grand total of 788mm of rain in Nelly Bay for the whole wet season, (We have had much better years) The long-term forecasts show little rain for the rest of March. The lagoon at Horseshoe Bay is still swimmable but I suggest any who haven’t done the swim the creeks and falls experience, do it very soon as the flows are ebbing fast.

Fishing Maggie

The Barra are still in big numbers around the island and are unpredictable in terms of when they bite. I headed out to Westpoint to deliver gas bottles to B.M, and of course one of my fishing rods “accidentally” fell into the ute. (Its WestPoint.) The day was rough, 20 knots and the water was mud, (crap conditions to try to flick lures.) I had my trusty Zerek lure on, they just nail Barra in murky waters, they pick up the vibration on their lateral lines, then see the black gold flash as the lure rolls like a wounded bait fish. Low tide, full Sun and the Zerek Barra-Pro gets nailed by a feisty 74cm Barra. Dinner on the table, Gas Delivered, and that’s why we live on Maggie.

The Pirtek Challenge was held last Sunday, and Maggie sported 4 entrants, and we all had high hopes. (Mind you all fishing trips start with enthusiasm or you wouldn’t go. Nobody gets up thinking, I won’t catch a fish today, we all believe the esky will be full)

This was a land-based trip, west side, (that’s where the Barra are.) Target species for QLD were Barra Whiting and Flathead. NQ has Buckley’s chance of winning the latter 2 species as they grow bigger down south. So, our big and only hope for the prizes were to land good Barra. 4.30 am Sunday the preparations began, before 2 cars full of fishing gear, 4 hopeful entrants and one casual angler headed off. The day started fine, with Matt smashing a 74cm Barra on the 3rd cast for our first entry, (Only allowed one entry each) Barra 2 was full on comedy as a live mullet line furthest from us anglers went off, rod straining and the big Barra leaping and twisting. Everyone was frozen for a moment, then we were all running to get to the Rod. The Big Barra decided enough was enough and cut through the leader and left us without entry number 2. We got a Flathead, pretty good size for pic 2 and pulled up stumps to head to Young Bay for the outgoing tide.

Barra were aplenty, but not hungry as we pulled another 2 and dropped at least 8 in a crazy midday session.  They played with the lures, and our feelings as we desperately tried to find a meter Barra for the last upload entry Pic, but to no avail. The sun sapped our energy to the point that we had to call it a day by 1.30pm. Prizes? Let you know if we win anything next week. It was an awesome day, I encourage more of you to join next year.

Queenies are in numbers in Horseshoe Bay, as are the Trevally schools that love to hang in the weed beds. Fishing the boat ramp at night has been rewarding as the jelly prawns come closer to shore after dark. Next week should be an active week for Barra so get out there and have a go.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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