Fishin’ Maggie

What’s Happening on Maggie

Cliff W had some bad luck this week. First of all the propeller on one of his hire boats got ripped to shreds leaving just the propeller stump. That takes some work to total a prop that badly. Then another hire boat of his had the plough anchor stolen off the boat. I don’t think too many people are in the boat hire/charter business to get rich, just working an income.

It has been reported by multiple sources that one or two island spearo’s maybe sneaking into Florence Bay, in a known boat pulling cray and Trout from the protected areas To those in the boat, this island needs tourism to pay the bills and these bays are protected for a reason. We need the fish life intact and the Corals intact in the green zones. You have been warned.

As I write this article I’m waiting with trepidation for my wife to awaken. Yesterday one fish we caught was a perfect trolling size wolf herring. I wrapped it in a cloth and took it home to freeze. This morning I awake at 5 to go to work. I could smell fish in the laundry. We put a load of clothes in the dryer before bed last night, and the cloth with the Wolfie was in the pile somehow. Dried Wolfie and Im scared to look in the dryer.

Chris and friends headed off to Mt Cook yesterday. I’m waiting for the report on the track condition. Next week’s article will cover this.
Segway tours and trials have kicked off and are kicking happy goals with travellers. The unique travel method is a winner and I look forward to growing this business over the next year. Safety is the key.

Onshore Fishing

Caillen had some boys up from the south and worked hard to give them an Island fishing experience. The boys got a cracker of a Trout off the Nelly Bay rock wall, which gobbled a grassy sweetlip that had been hooked and was being reeled in. Those moments are gold. They also cracked a Golden Trevally and a few other big fish to make the trip memorable.

Golden Trevally are still in good numbers around the island. They are taking squid, prawn and squid vicious soft plastics. One fisho had a squid vicious soft plastic sitting on the sandy bottom while he was taking a phone call, and had stopped reeling in the lure. It was smashed by a hungry 3kg Golden Trevally. He’s thinking to use them as bait and not bother working them at all.

James had the misfortune to hook up to an (est) 15kg plus Spanish mac on the jetty with only a 40 lb leader. The battle lasted less than 30 seconds, and the fish won easily.

There were nice flatties caught at Horseshoe Bay in what was a fairly lacklustre fishing week onshore. Di and James both got Flatties on lure.

Ray reported Barra active in the harbour still, so on the new moon Sunday they will be great to target.

Offshore Fishing

The boats that got out to the reef were successful with some thumpin’ Reds and fat Trout filling the Eskies. Ruey went out toward Backnumbers, as did Johns T’s boat. Others like John H went south and worked the deeper reefs. Locals reef reports said that the weather was better offshore than it was around Maggie. Coral Trout were active and smashing pillies and soft plastics. However Spaniards were in short supply. Hopefully they will be in soon, in numbers.

A couple of locals tried an Eddie Riddles tour and scored Trevally and Queenies on lure, to make a great day. Another good local offer is Nighty from G&T who does a lure trip along the mangroves around Westpoint. Nighty picks up from the Island.

Daniel D had just had a massive hit on his Rapala over near sunken Rock . I was flicking an Rmg about the same time and my lure got smashed as well . As I wrestled the Mac to the boat I realised that the fish was foul hooked through the line from Daniels XRAP . One fish 2 lures, no loss. That paid back a bit of my debt for a previous lure incident .

Matt had an amazing time at Horseshoe on Wednesday, another Gold moment. Pulling a cast net full of Greenbacks from the Argo, he spent three hours dangling livies into the middle of the bay. What followed was one of those classic sessions where he got three Fingermark, 4 Trevallly,4 Queenies , and a range of other fish totalling 20. What a monster session.

This week sees the winds sitting 12-15 knots all week, being lumpy and annoying, but no rain at least. There are big tides but in the morning and afternoon, which is perfect. It’s a new moon Sunday. Good for Crabs, Squid and Barra.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty
Cheers Dale
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