Fish’n Maggie


Working at the shop last week the staff and I noticed some unusual dancing moves at the Bus stop across the road on the morning school. The crazy thing was that high school kids and adults were all doing a little jig and a leg kick followed by some energetic arm moves and jumps. We were watching most bemused when we realised the name of the new dance was The March Fly jig. There were that many people at the bus stop that all the March flies  in the area must have smelt the meat and flocked in. Well I think we have  all been doing some March fly Jigs in the last week. I don’t remember a hatching so big in a long time. The real deterrent is a mix of Eucalyptus oil, Dettol and a squeeze of Baby oil mixed and they will stay away from you. Trust me it works. This is also a fact, March flies are attracted to dark blue.

The life cycle is about 3 weeks, so they are nearly finished for this hatching, but they need your blood to get protein to make their eggs.

“Plucker”, the lonely duck that has adopted the Marina as home is a girl. Yes “Miss’ Plucker is happily sitting on 14 unfertilized eggs under the Nelly Bay Banyon trees accepting food and water from her protector Lee . The big question is, what happens now? Predators sense defenceless animals on eggs. Should she sit on them, for how long and what happens next, MIFCO will know. We would hate her to get hurt defending eggs that will never hatch, she is quite the charmer in the Lion’s park.

A couple of sightings of Bluebottles in Radical Bay before the winds came up. With the consistent winds for a whole week I would be wearing a stinger suit from now on. Don’t forget to load the app from Dr Lisa-Anne Gershwin called The Jellyfish App.

A very strange occurrence in the harbour with Blue Salmon Catfish doing some sort of breeding ritual, all clumping together with a gelatinous gunk all around them. Breeding cycles can be very strange, I would love to know what the gel is.

Some big Tarpon in the harbour and in Horseshoe Bay has been the only reported catches in one of our windiest week for a long time, which has almost prevented any fishing anywhere.


Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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