Island Life

Some guy came in the other day with this badly thought out spiel. “Hi there, they told me at Foodworks you could get credit for cigarettes here, grab a pack and pay later” (obviously Janie told him the facts of life and sent him on his way). 10 Points for trying but wrong island mate.

Whales are almost done for the time being, although there were a couple of extra lazy ones in Horseshoe Bay last week. The witnesses said they could have been mistaken for rocks, so inactive they were. After 15 minutes they sunk slowly into the sea. I am also trying to find out what happened to the dead whale off Palm Island, did JCU/Aims examine it?  Hopefully it died of natural causes, not a boat strike or plastics. I remember a news story last year where a dead sperm whale in Indonesia was found with 115 plastic cups, four plastic bottles, 25 plastic bags, 2 thongs, a nylon sack and more than 1,000 other assorted pieces of plastic in its stomach.

A local dog and owner were having a lovely time down at Geoffrey Bay playing with a ball on the weekend until the luckless Mastiff sniffed at a fishing lure lying discarded on the beach. The sharp hooks pinned his nose and his lip together. An emergency trip to the vet for an operation and the plucky canine was freed of the 2 trebles. Unfortunately, the owner didn’t even get to keep the lure for the cost of vet fees, it was destroyed during removal.

Since the camera story last week some customers have mentioned some newly marked driver behaviour cameras in QLD. Janie and I did see one on a quiet road down south, with the curious wording. Most people told me they flip the bird at that one or make a funny face. New technology and new monitoring concepts all the time. The fact that most of our cameras are plugged into Chinese apps which make you agree they can use them for anything should be scary enough.

The Horseshoe Bay Lagoon crocodile is probably in need of removal sooner rather than later. While the reclusive fellow has lots of water and Magpie Goose dinners, things will be peaceful, but sooner or later the waters will dry out, forcing him to relocate, and it’s a long way to the ocean. If anyone spots him let me know.

The 6 knot buoys have been installed in Horseshoe Bay forcing boats to slow from just north of the boat ramp all the way to White Lady Bay. What effect this will have remains to be seen but plenty are cranky at the whole process to date. More on this soon.

Happy Birthdays to Jodi (Young 40) and AJ (welcome to club 50)

Island Fishing

Congratulations to Chris on his 85cm Black spot Tusk Fish, I told Chris I will have to photoshop a shirt on him before publishing, that body needs to be kept to his wife’s private viewing only. Chris was Grunter fishing Horseshoe Bay with a peeled prawn when the monster hit the line. A fabulous 5kg of quality fillet off the one fish is a top effort. that’s a big fish.

There’s Whiting galore at Horseshoe Bay and big fat fish they are too. The local boys are cleaning up. Whiting are hard hitting

Have all you keen anglers heard of Fish Crackling? Chewy was cooking it Saturday arvo after catching a stonker 62 cm Coral Trout at the rocks in Horseshoe Bay. The idea is to cook the skin and scales in oil add salt and voila beautiful tasty fish crackling.

Dave landed a stonker 80cm Grunter at West Point just off the beach in his Tinny, on the ebb tide. Grunter are smashing prawn all along West Point and Young Bay just off the shoals while the run is only moderate.

Leave your crab pots at home, unknown feral thieves are stealing pots again. From town or island is unknown, but there could be a surprise in store for them soon, and if identified. they will be outed. Dave lost his good pots and Chewy had his stolen as well.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back dark-thirty.

Cheers Dale

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