Island Life

I was going through the Jarvis Walker fishing catalogue getting the Christmas Catalogue order ready and I saw a range of Camo lifejackets. Now I may be a bit special, (So the wife says but I think she means it in a different way) but I’m pretty sure if I’m wearing a life jacket and I’m floating about the ocean, I want to be seen ASAP. I’m saying the obvious, but why is it even a product?

All those Wallabies at Horseshoe are starting to starve as the dry season sets in. They are pulling the wire up on the bottom of property fences to get into local backyards and eat their garden plants. Is there a program to sort the issue? Starving wallabies have started to arrive at the Wildlife carers places. These issues generally get ignored.
Parks are ramping up the feral cat control program, if you have some feral (cat) hotspots please let us know at Magnetic Adventure & Hire and we can pass it on.

Mt Cook is the easiest climb it has been for years after the big burn off cleared all that pesky undergrowth. Cliff went up last week with the young and energetic Sammy using Gustav creek this time. Although there are many ways to go Duck and Gustav creeks make the best choices. Although recently an island visitor managed to call for help after climbing Duck Creek and getting lost/ stuck/ exhausted? Our wonderful rescue chopper had to come and land at Mt Cook, and fly the exhausted tourist down to Nelly Bay where she was checked and given another free ride, this time back to the ferry. Quite an adventure she had to write about, but I would rather get the lift all the way to the top and walk down, what about you?

What the hell is with the graffiti marking all the rocks to Balding Bay as NUDE. It is not an official nude beach, but apparently somebody must write all over the granite rocks and other annoying pests have been graffitiing other rocks at Radical Bay, requiring Parks to spend a day cleaning them. I’m angry that these bozos find such a pristine bay and grab spray paint. Grow up. Hey, you wonderful island people, anyone feel is time for our own local representation instead of grovelling for the council and government crumbs? Have a look at the money we make in tourism vs council expenditure. Come talk to me at the shop or email Is it time for change?

Should the Ports Authority book the dredge to start a week before school holidays and finish a week after the holidays? Tourism drives the economy as much as the Port, have some consideration. Some of those snorkelers will never come back, spring tides some wind and thousands of tons of sediment.

Island Fishing

I met a great guy, Ben, who used to live on the Island 31 years ago, and now he’s bought a house and moving back in December. He asked me to sell him a gun trolling lure to use off a kayak. I sold him my Magnetic Adventure & Hire special make lure because it trolls mad under low speed and picks up any fish in range. He came in and thanked me, said the lure got him Coral Trout off Nelly almost as soon as he put it out. I love great feedback, but Janie heard him too, so now I must get some Coral Trout for her, the pressure I’m under is terrible.

Finally, after the water temperature hit 25 degrees inshore the Barra have started eating again. Dave dropped 2 60-70cm out at West Point during the week, while Raymond got a 72cm and Rob picked up a meter beast in Gustav creek. Not the one with the lures in her face but a whopper none the less. Jody got a smaller one and there is obviously some action building with these awesome fish as they warm up and start feeding again. There is also a meter Barra wreaking havoc with light gear at Picnic Bay, smashing livie’s and heading under the barnacle encrusted pylons.

A massive 2.5m Tiger shark was hauled in at West Point after an epic fight on Barra gear. The monster was less than 20m off the shore when it took a live Mullet just after dark. Released unharmed, it provided quite a show for those enjoying sunset. 2 Hammerheads were caught and released unharmed at Nelly, but if you like sharks black reefies are quite a show after dark.

Don’t forget the first Finfish closure of the year is 25-29 October so these critical species can breed. As the spring reef fishing ramps, up the Reds are smashing jigs and soft plastics as well as the

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back dark-thirty.

Cheers Dale
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