Island Life

We stayed at the Townsville Casino on the weekend to see the Killer Queen concert at the Entertainment Centre, which was awesome by the way. (If you want to meet a lot of Maggie island folks in one place, head over to a mainland concert. I kid you not, half the island was there.) Heading up to the 14th floor suite our daughter had shouted for our anniversary, I noticed the lifts were extremely fast, going from 3 to 14 in a matter of seconds. With a few drinks under the belt, and tired after a long workday I didn’t give it too much thought until the next day when I got up and looked down. I thought there’s no way that’s 14 floors up. Have you noticed Townsville Casino jumps from level 3 to level 10, then goes up to 19? Who stole 6 whole floors? Are they pretending to be bigger? What’s the deal, let me know why? Otherwise the weekend was magic.

We just drove to Sydney and back for our grandson’s birthday, not an ideal choice but after blowing an eardrum and unable to fly the only choice. With deviations, a bit over 4000km return. With ridiculous roadworks, cities and towns, I estimate there would be over 800 speed sign changes, totally ridiculous. Being diligent I used cruise control to keep to the posted speed, all bar one outside Bowen, where after turning back out on the highway and following the car in front I ran afoul of the Bowen Police, for missing a 100 down to 80 zone. I was pretty miffed; we are all human, and I don’t know about you all but in any exam if you got 799 out of 800 you would be a genius, right? Not on our broken roads, here you become a speeder and pay one of those big red fine letters.

The team from the popular fishing show “iFish” were on the island recently, unfortunately while I was away, because I would love to meet Paul Worsteling, fishing guru and the team. Unfortunately, the Maggie fishing that day was not our best tides and the fish were very good at hiding, next time guys.

Island Fishing

I was thinking about fishing while away last week, (Surprised? Bet you aren’t) Specifically the difference between people sitting on the edge of a rock wall enjoying themselves with a rod in the water, and a whole lot of hope vs the people that get seriously into it climbing through the mangroves or leaping over the rocks and putting big effort in to get to the spots where nobody is. Like most things in life big effort can quite often get big rewards, although it isn’t a set rule, that Barra can just swim past and take that old piece of chicken skin. Along the N.S.W. coast where general fishing is pretty lousy, (they say challenging.) those hard-working anglers can score big. Magnetic island is no exception, you can get quality fish, including those big Pelagic species in several difficult locations. One of the most difficult but rewarding is the far end of Westpoint, heading around towards Liver Point. After getting as far as you can by the shore you can clamber up and over to do some deep-water fishing right off the point. Here you can popper for GT’s, use divers and soft plastics for reef species, or sink some vibes and chase Fingermark. Some fit locals like Cliff love these spots, and I love the solitude and the excitement of less fished areas, so why not give it a shot. Catching a thumping big Spaniard off the rocks is always a big deal, so well done to Rob for his 92cm Spaniard of the rocks at Picnic Bay. The effort to walk to the southern point of Hawking’s Point was rewarded, also with 2 sweet Coral Trout, Grunter and Queenies.
For the night boaties, there is a lot of squid around Orchard Rocks and at the back of Maggie over the weekend, with those fishing the area reporting nice catches using squid jigs and lights.

There have been some days of very favourable weather recently, (how good was Sunday?) and I have had several great reports coming from the reef. Several boats struggled again with big sharks, particularly at the Shoals, but there were some that were lucky enough to find some solid fish without being hassled. Troy’s boat scored well with mountains of quality reef fish, including good numbers of Coral Trout and Red Throat, but also largemouth Nannygai. There have been also plenty of Spaniards around the reef edges as well but nowhere as many are on the shoals. The shoals seem to have Mack Tuna and Longtails, that’s great fun on light line and hard fighting fish.

Townsville Game Fishing Club 2019 Billfish Tournament

21st to 24th of this month (starts today) is the Townsville Billfish Competition, running out of the Marlin Bar, right here on Maggie. The boats will be starting in Horseshoe Bay and it should be a great competition. I look forward to reporting the results, Billfish have been hard to find this year, so go hard all.
Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back dark-thirty.

Cheers Dale
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