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Don’t forget to sign the petition instore for the Council to take responsibility for Radical Bay Rd. Time is running out to get some action, still on the Magnetic Adventure & Hire counter.

Holidays bring out the special stories. I like this gem from one of our hardworking supermarket ladies last week. A husband-and-wife couple from Victoria (great place great people), wanted to speak to the manager. The curious operator asked if she could help and said the manager wasn’t available now. They said “we are not happy; you only have two brands of pickles on your shelf and they are not the one we want.  If we tell you our brand can you have it here by tomorrow? “Well, she was gobsmacked? all were, when we heard.  Maggie Island, where the adventure begins, try a different pickle.

We did have a customer that was complaining about no McDonald’s, you can’t please everyone

Some local restaurant boys had a thrill when a hammerhead shark surfaced not far from where they were skiing, I’m pretty sure it may have just surfaced to have a quick sqizzie, but it got the boys excited, that’s for sure.

We recently flew down to Coffs via Sydney to see my mum, overnighting at Ridge’s Hotel at the airport. They advertise a rooftop bar, where you can watch planes take off and land while having a cocktail or 10. We thought, well that’s where we want to hang, and jumped in the lift and pressed the R button (rooftop)  but nothing happened. we tried swiping our room cards, no go. Frustrated we opened the lift door again and a Victorian couple got in attempting the rooftop bar, but no luck. Then the door opened, and a Tassie couple hopped in, also thirsty, and having no luck. So, 6 people in a lift going nowhere when the brain flash came, the bar opens at 5:30pm and it was only 5:25pm. No access for another 5 min! We all looked a little silly, so we went downstairs together to the ground floor bar.

As a side note we jumped on a bus and there, smiling away in a passenger seat, was Greg from Sunbus Maggie Island, we may have a small population, but we are everywhere.

What a spectacular weekend just passed, the weather was perfect and in some spots the afternoon fishing was just extraordinary. Big Tarpon, Queenies and Trevally providing plenty of action over the weed beds at Cockle bay and Picnic Bay.

I have to say congratulations to Matteo on his 30kg cod in Horseshoe Bay although he copped a hammering for it from social media. Social media can be both good and bad, it is very easy for people to attack from behind the relative safety of a keyboard or phone. Life is learning, and general tolerance is something we all should practice. My old boss used to say, “did you learn from it?”

Two more tinny rescues in Horseshoe Bay during the week, one without a bung got saved and dragged to shore, and the other one was dragging anchor and fortunately got noticed and pulled to the beach in time. We have a very supportive and caring island, although

that Instagram post of the 3m tiger sharks cruising around the City of Adelaide shipwreck are worth viewing, posted by Josh and reposted by Tropical Palms. Real or fake, make your own mind up.

The Grunter have been hungry in the harbour, sucking those prawns along with big tarpon and GT’s  If you’re visiting and you want some big fish you might  want to fish night times and stay off the beer so you don’t fall asleep. I know it’s a sacrifice few of us want to make but the big guys are out at night.

Congrats to Anaru for landing some top Flathead in Horseshoe Bay, on the dropping tide. With the change in the structure of the southern end after the flood’s, those bigger Flathead are finding some nice deep lies to ambush baitfish.

I got that nice picture of young Jackson’s 91 cm Barra through, Jackson that is an impressive fish, especially when you were chasing tarpon with a chasebait lure. The Barra smashed the lure on the surface, and it was a feat to land on 12 lb line, great job.

Good weather and great tides should see some sundown action around all the major island points, including the boat ramps, the jetty and out at Westpoint. The cool waters have brought the pelagic’ s in close, chase them with soft plastics and vibes.

Best bait is peeled Endeavour prawns for the big Grunter and Jacks, nice looking squid for Trevally and Fingermark, (being caught at Horseshoe Bay), and some live mullet and Gar for the slower winter Barra.

Squidding is tough, there are bigger ones around at Picnic and Nelly Bay, but you need to use pillie’s with a squid prong or very small and light squid jigs so as not to spook them.

Island Fishing

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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