Local Notes

Westpoint Road has been regraded, making the trip out there a bit safer, although someone still managed to wrap a hire car into a tree and there are still a few tricky spots. The road issue on the island is continuing with Radical Bay road causing all sorts of arguments and no answers yet. Petition time?

We had a bit of a chuckle this week when 6 Irish boys came into the store and asked us if the water at Radical Bay was saltier than the rest of the island, because they were itching like crazy swimming at low tide. We told them about sea lice and how they are prone to that itchiness and had a bit of a chuckle. After we explained they could see the joke as well. I was telling my mate who owns an Island restaurant and he told me of his 2 doozies n last week. He said “I had a guy who asked if there was fish on my veggie burger. I just stood and stared at him and he realised what he had said. Then there was the guy who came up and asked for a coffee, and I said what sort would you like, and the guy quite rudely said I don’t know I don’t drink coffee.” There’s a reason we are in customer service and hire game I’m just not sure what it is.

I see the bakery is having its grand opening this Saturday. With a new menu and look, the store looks fantastic so good luck with it. In the meantime, Mark, Michelle and Philippe have opened Patisserie and Gourmet Pies in the kiosk near their takeaway which seems to be doing very well. The wine bar next to the hardware store is well under construction and things are moving forward on the island.

Magnetic Jeep Tours is finally operational and will be running every day, so look out for the stretch yellow jeep running around the island with Janie and Jay. Sunset Tours are such a special offer and I know many of you locals haven’t been to West Point for years. We have a 25% off local’s discount, so call 0408 498 367 to book and come and enjoy a drink, snack and sunset on the beach. There is music, funky lights, singing and much laughter to be had!

I was doing some research for the tours and it is amazing how much bush tucker is available on the island. Even the Kapok flower is edible and tastes like marshmallow. The most fascinating one was the bark and roots of the Cocky Apple which aboriginal tribes used to kill or stun fish. There is one tree at Radical and several others around the island.

A visiting yachtie from Cairns came in to Magnetic Adventure & Hire and told me about the big Barra he caught while resting from the strong winds in Horseshoe Bay, while heading south. He bought some chasebait lures and said that he was from Cairns and had never got a Barra up there, so very impressed with Maggie he was.

Although the water has cooled down to 23° and made the Barra a bit more sluggish, it is still our biggest Barra season I can remember after the huge floods pushed thousands of them out of the creeks and they took up residence around the island. With the murky water hindering spearfishing, populations have remained stable. If you haven’t caught one yet, go hard for the next week or two, then back off until October.

Those big Blue Salmon are still around the island, although I would love to know what makes them launch out of the water, some totally clearing the ocean. Blue Salmon are the smaller fish of the Threadfin family, cousin of King Threadfin but still a powerful sportfish

With the weather causing boating to be mainly confined to Horseshoe Bay it is heartening to see some winter Spaniards starting to congregate in the bay particularly around sunken rock. Although not monsters they are entertaining and a 6kg fish is tops on the Barbie.

People fishing in the harbour Wednesday were amazed as billions of jelly prawns poured into the harbour followed by hundreds of small mullet and yellowtails. There was absolute bedlam along the shoreline for a couple of hours and then it stopped, those feeding cycles are nuts. 2 Barra got caught but they were both undersize.

Those fighting Trevally are back under the Jetty, good sport on small green soft plastics. Make them as small as you can, and the fish will smash it and bolt.


Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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