Electric Bike Hire
Electric bike hire on Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island Electric Bike Hire offers you a brand new way of discovering Magnetic Island’s incredible scenery, vibrant flora and unique fauna.

Enjoy Magnetic Island on a Bicycle

We provide complimentary helmets,and locks, advice and sound visitor information.  Our fun team is trained to personally fit customers to the right bikes to ensure optimum comfort and safety. Too hot or just want to relax a bit more? Try one of our modern incredible E-bikes instead for just a little bit more $. Then you can handle the hills with ease, and pedal as much or as little as you wish.

Cycling is a fun recreational activity for all ages and is environmentally friendly.


  • Credit Cards Accepted
  • Multi-day discounted  hire rates
  • Long term hire rates
  • Latest Trek Hybrid 18 speed bikes available
  • Helmet & Lock included.
  • Note Magnetic Island is a hilly island.
Electric Bike Hire: Magnetic Island
Fishing On Magnetic Island, QLD, Australia
Magnetic Island Bike Hire
Fishing On Magnetic Island, QLD, Australia
electric bike hire
Electric Bikes


After leaving Magnetic Adventure & Hire on your Hybrid bike, head right, down Mandalay Avenue and turn left to the ferry terminal. At the roundabout turn left and cross the road and head up Gabul Way, our scenic walkway with views over Arcadia and Geoffrey Bay. Head along Geoffrey Bay, watching for the noisy Black Cockatoos and turn right into the lane at the end of the bay.  At the end is the little Allied Rock Wallabies. They will come right up if you are quiet and move slow. From there walk to the water and through in a pillie or prawn and watch hundreds of fish compete, splashing on the surface. Watch for Big Cod and Coral Trout. Walk through the Don’t Knock the Rock at Arcadia to the end at Bremmer Point.

From there head up the very steep hill towards Horseshoe Bay, enjoying the views until you get to the Forts Walk Car park, well-marked. Tie the bikes up and walk to the top. See forts walk info under walks section. Look up for Koalas and down for arrows pointing to koala tree locations.

After the forts walk and a cool juice at Pleasure Juices cart, in season head down the Hill to Horseshoe Bay. Take a swim in the calm waters, enjoy lunch and watch all the turtles pop their heads up in the bay.

Head back over the hill turning first left in Arcadia for a different view going back. Past the RSL and left at Arcadia Store.

Options. Stop at Bungalow Bay at 4 pm and feed the Rainbow Lorikeets- Free

Enjoy the butterfly walk at the old school at Horseshoe Bay, Heath Street

Wet Season? – Horseshoe Bay Lagoon walk, see walks section- Birds and Agile Wallabies.

More Koalas? Drop in to Wallaby Way Horseshoe Bay for Koala sightings in the trees

Snorkeling? Check out the snorkeling section


Head right from Magnetic Adventure & Hire and turn right into Sooning Street. Turn left into Kelly Street and ride out past the boat ramp to the Nelly Bay scenic break wall and visit the Bow of the Presto shipwreck. From there ride back to the Esplanade and turn left then right then left back onto Sooning Street and follow the path along the beach to X Base. A snorkel trail is available here.

Head up the hill and stop for magnificent views to Rocky Bay and over to Cape Cleveland.  Head down the hill and left into Granite Street to the bay where you will find the Picnic Bay Mall, Heritage Jetty and beach for a cool down. Head back up Granite Street to the end, left then right past the Golf Club to head to West Point. On the way detour first street left after the waste transfer station to Cockle Bay. See the Blue House and the City of Adelaide shipwreck. (See shipwreck section.) Leaving Cockle Bay look up when you get to the intersection to see a huge Sea Eagle Nest on the top of the communications tower. Left turn and ride slowly out to the picturesque West Point, magnificent beaches, great fishing and have a rest. Back the same way to Magnetic Adventure & Hire to return bikes.