Magnetic Island Information

Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island is a truly unique Fishing Destination.  Few places have such a variety of tropical fish habitats concentrated in such a small area. These habitats and bait holding features creates a Mecca for many varieties of fish life. Huge granite boulders that have cascaded into the sea over the eons create intriguing and unique fish retaining structures.

A combination of rocky ledges, sandy bays, lush weed beds, and colourful coral bommies combine to attract fish of all types. Huge caves created by these boulders, are home to Sweetlip, Barramundi,, Barracudas, GT’s, Finger-mark, Cod and a host of other creatures, like tropical rock lobsters. Huge bommies and Coral outcrops host Coral Trout, Mangrove Jack, Emperor, Queenfish, Mackerel, as well as hundreds of smaller species.

Salt water Barra, (the best kind) , haunt the caves and rocks off Horseshoe Bay, Nelly Bay and through the 12 km of mangroves , and will smash a live gar, mullet or well-placed lure.

Impound lakes are one way to fish Barra, but our Island Barra fishing beats impound anytime.  These fish will also take a soft plastic carefully worked over the rocks, and yes we have the meter plus trophy Barra if you are good enough.

The Reef areas are unique, productive and close to shore, meaning kayaks and small tinnies can get into reef action with a 5 minute paddle or trip, landing a Coral Trout or Gold spot cod for dinner.

These reef areas are found extensively around the island, with some highlights being Fish Cove,Arthur Bay, Nelly Bay and Picnic Bay where the corals hide Painted Crays, Trout, Snapper, Sea Perch, Est Cod and an amazing variety of other fish.

Boat Ramp Info

Magnetic island has three public boat ramps. Horseshoe Bay has a double boat ramp, shallow launch, with no pontoon. It  is protected from all but northerly winds, but can have a tricky swell in the wrong conditions. It is used by commercial operators during the day as well as boaties. Picnic Bay has a boat ramp next to the jetty,. not for big boats, but handy to launch to go out around the western mangroves to chase Jacks and Barra.

It also has no pontoon attached, and is also sometimes hampered by swells. Nelly Bay boat ramp is the pride of the island, and in fact Townsville. Two very wide lanes down into a safe protected and deep marina. All weather launching for all trailer boats. Attached is a new pontoon for loading and unloading.  There are a generous 80 car spaces, which can accommodate way more  boat trailers  than  are currently on the island.